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Reet Petite OOTD



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Beauty Advent Calendars launching 2016 - Top Picks



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How To Host A Meet-up // #NottsAlzheimersMeetup 2016


*NEW* Feature Friday - Talented 26th Of August



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Thursday 27 October 2016

Recent A/W16 VIP Events

A/W Fashion Event at Nottingham Intu

Nottingham has always been my key place to visit when it comes to shopping, meeting blogging friends and enjoying what the Intu centre has to offer; 
During September I was invited to the A/W event which took place after hours within the centre, I set off with my friend, Sarah, to see what delights the key fashion staples were for this year, a long with meeting many friendly faces.

After having some tea at Stonebaked Pizza which I have to say was amazing service and speedy food delivery, we headed to the location outside of Boots and I was amazed as the set up was beautiful. 
A nicely sized building aka as the style garden, was surrounded by mannequins styled with prepossessing a/w fashion from stores that are found within the Nottingham Intu.
 I never felt so thrilled as we were kindly greeted by the ladies of Cartwright Communications, checking us off on the guest list we were then directed to the stand of Thaikhun, which is a quirky street food Thai restaurant, that has newly launched in the centre; we were offered a yummy refresher drink which could either be alcoholic or non and great nibbles were available to satisfy any cravings!

One of the main things which made me ever so giddy was the flower crown station!
Such a creative idea, the talented Super+SuperHQ was showing us how to create a statement headpiece to wear for any occassion or just around the house.. Like I do! Amy provided us with a variety of materials from fabric flowers, leaves and all things glittery I decided to create a half sided piece with hints of blushing pink, soft purples and foliage. This was a nice little surprise for us bloggers and something I'll always treasure.

I wore my flowercrown creation with pride and continued to browse the mannequins and began visiting each of the beauty booths that were giving all the latest tips and tricks and a demonstration on to any willing participant! 
I spoke to the very pleasant, Lee, who works at Benefit in Boots and he was such a outgoing and informative person; he gave me a few tips on defining my brow's arch with their brand spanking new brow products! It of course made me want to buy everything , but they do have some affordable kits on offer that may just have to go on my Christmas list this year..

Other brands there were Clarins, Liz Earle and Lancome to name a few.

Then the delightful Lola Royle held a small catwalk presentation of the newest collaboration with John Lewis which is Modern Rarity; My goodness the clothes were beautiful.. every staple item was within it and we were so lucky to see some of these pieces before anyone else! The clothing was very delicate and cool toned, smart yet classic and very well made. Although the collection is a bit on the pricey side (cheapest from £75) for most of the pieces, it was still a refreshing glimpse into what the collection has in store. 
The models rocked the mini runway on chic red carpet and brought the A/W pieces to life.

Sarah browsing the Modern Rarity pieces
At the end of the evening there was a prize draw from Benefit cosmetics which shockingly both myself and Sarah won! The contents were some brilliant samples of their products to test out which if you know me, you know I love a good sample before buying! And the kind Sostrene Grene provided us all with a goodybag of home pieces in a cute totebag; Thank you so much to them for being so generous to us.

Overall it was an amazing evening and was very nice to see other bloggers and interact with brands, I'm sure I'll have plenty of A/W staples in my wardrobe thanks to them!

Credits to Sherry from SherryScribbles for this lovely picture from the evening!

Rush Nottingham Launch Press Evening 

When I was approached by Claire from TankPr to attend the new launch of the Rush hair salon in Nottingham, I jumped to the chance as I'm always on the look out for places to go to relax and get pampered when you need it most.
Based on Long Row, Nottingham, the neatly outside with its monochrome design was hard to miss, it breathed sleekness and style, as I walked through the front door I was greeted by bubbly Claire who gave us an overall outlook on the night. 
There were colour consultations currently taking place with beautiful vloggers and bloggers sipping prosecco. Staff wearing all black were greeting us and giving us a tour of the two story salon, the walls were a clean shade with stylish glass tables and bold black seats, portrait length mirrors draped on the walls perfect for watching the magic take place of having your hair styled by award winning specialists.

Upstairs was very open in the main styling area, there were up-dos taking place and a braid station which I had to have due to the fabulous creations being made on the ladies.
In the back there was a cut off section where there were two slender seats and basins surrounded by professional hair products, this was a key favourite part of the salon as to me your experience should be personal and one to one with the stylist, so this was a pleasant surprise.

It felt like a complete VIP experience and everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming. We had some great conversations and I'm so glad it was such a majestic turnout. 
On leaving we were each presented with a small Rush bag which contained loveheart sweets, a handy pen, sample of Kerastase nourishing care, 150ml of 72's blow dry cream which smells like a salon fresh hairstyle at home and some complimentary offers at the salon which I can't wait to use!

Thank you Claire for the invitation to a luxurious salon experience in the heart of Nottingham! 

Book your appointment with Rush here

Credit to Sherry from SherryScribbles for this wonderful blogger selfie!
 Love Ellie xo

Saturday 15 October 2016

Reet Petite OOTD

Hey lovelies!
Hope you're all doing splendidly, this post is something I wanted to share with you. 
My passion of the vintage era grows with not only my thoughts and the way I live but also the way that I dress; when I'm not at work and I go to retro events I go the full way with make-up, hair and of course the overall outfit.
The last event I attended was the vintage carnival at Nottingham racecourse, there was so much to do and see but the only downside was the weather, I tried to get some pictures when it settled down but that would have been the only thing I would have wished to have been different.

I'm going to start posting more of my outfits of the day if you enjoy them, just let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

What I wore ..

Dress - LindyBop
Belt - HellBunny
Jacket - LindyBop
Shoes - Topshop
Underskirt - LindyBop
Bag - Vintage
Necklace - Vintage
Head Scarf - Bow and Crossbones

Also here are a few captures I got of the day of some of my favorite parts of the event!

I had a marvelous time and met some great people; my goal is to attend as many vintage events as I can especially those in the bigger cities, as well as post the outfits so you can get some ideas if you'd wish!
I find it exhilarating to dress differently and to live it, walk down the street and hold your head up high; if you're happy with the way you look that's what matters.

Love Ellie xo

Saturday 8 October 2016

Beauty Advent Calendars launching 2016 - Top Picks

From luxury to affordable, this year is no exception to find your top advent calendar.
I will admit, only last year was the first time I actually ever had a beauty advent calendar, I was always tempted to buy ones from the clothes show when they were on a special offer but went away empty handed. 
But now it's got to the point where all the launches of Christmas gifts, wrapping paper and cards have hit the stores and we get cheeky glimpses of beautiful packaging with delicate doors to open on the countdown of Christmas. 
But the amazing thing is opening these travel sized or full sized items to get continuous use out of them till the new year!

So shall we have a look at what Beauty calendars are out now or soon will be?
Get your wishlists at the ready!

Lookfantastic Advent Calendar 2016

When does it launch? November the 1st 2016
How much does it cost? £70.00 with free delivery (contents worth over £300!)
What type of contents are there? This calender provides with the essentials such as haircare, bodycare and makeup with a top secret on the exact items perfect for that surprise each morning.
Where to buy? Here

Diptyque advent calendar

When does it launch? Available now!
How much does it cost? £250 
What type of contents are there? This is a beautiful selection of home fragrances, candles, body treats and more. Definitely for those who need that pure luxurious experience this year,
Where to buy? Here

L'Occitane Christmas Beauty Calendar

When does it launch? Available now and UK Stores!
How much does it cost? £42 (Contents are worth 80.00)
What type of contents are there? This packaging is completely breathtaking and too adorable for words! They've really done a wonderful job with this one this year, containing 24 of their products in miniature form such as bath and body, great for those who haven't tried L'Occitane before!
Where to buy? Here

Ciaté London Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar

When does it launch? Available now on their website!
How much does it cost? £50
What type of contents are there? This is one of their best selling items every year and I can totally see why! 24 miniatures of their nail varnishes which this year they've brought 4 exclusive shades just for this calendar! With limited surprises in this one this might be on my favorites list!
Where to buy? Here

Charlotte Tilbury World of legendary parties 

When does it launch? Available now online!
How much does it cost? £150.00
What type of contents are there? I've lusted over Charlotte Tilbury and I can see why it does so well with their customers, this is a stunning selection of award winning items in travel sizes including magic cream and wonderglow! Your party essential for sure.
Where to buy? Here

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Luxury Beauty Calender

When does it launch? Available now on their website!
How much does it cost? £125.00
What type of contents are there? Now this one is what stands out to me fully, I'm obsessed with all things vintage so I'd be a happy lady if I had this calendar that's for sure. With a vintage twist you'll receive darling full sized beauty tool/accessories and even more beautiful, rose gold tools to glam up your make-up bag.
Where to buy? Here

Final thoughts, 
What was your first beauty advent calendar you ever had? I'd love to know!
Plus which one are you thinking of purchasing this year?

Be Merry and Be Beautiful,
Love Ellie xo

Saturday 24 September 2016

How To Host A Meet-up // #NottsAlzheimersMeetup 2016

The NottsAlzheimersMeetup
Hosting my first blogger event

It was over a year ago when I had started to focus on raising money for a disease that effected half of my life growing up; 
My dear grandad found out he had vascular dementia in his late 50s, he was hardworking, a passionate family man and would always light up any room he was in with his words of wisdom. 4 years ago he sadly lost his battle with dementia and also alzheimers towards his end of life.
 I saw how this effected him in every aspect as well as my family and it was the most difficult time for us all. Sadly there are many families in the same position as you read this, that lack the support or funds to help their loved ones when they need it the most. 

Luckily there are charities out there who advise and spread the awareness of the disease and the one that I've been most close to is the Alzheimers Society.
Not long after my grandad's passing, my mum and I did a 6 mile walk in his memory with many others who have lost those closest to them, we would talk about our times with them, the good and the bad and motivate ourselves to get to our end goal. 

So, why did I decide on hosting a meet-up?
I've had my blog for 4 years this year, through this time I've attended many events and blogger meet-ups which have been wonderful, and I've truly admired those who have taken the time to organize and plan. So I thought I will put together two of the things I am most passionate about, raising awareness of Alzheimers and meeting other like minded bloggers in a cosy atmosphere! I wanted to do this for my grandad most of all, there's not a day that goes by when I miss him terribly, wondering what life would have been like if he wasn't effected by this cruel disease. I felt this was my purpose and the right thing to do.

What is it like to organize a meet-up?
I will admit it had both it's pros and cons, there were days when I became stressed with ensuring everything was going to plan; That brands were kept up to date with the lead up to the event and the attendees had all the correct information. But I loved every moment of it, I'm quite an organizer and yes I'm also a Virgo.. So I can say it's in my blood! But I was focused and motivated on the main purpose and I felt it all worked out well in the end result.
If you had in mind to host your own meet-up make sure you plan well ahead of the date, it's ideal to network also by using social media so you can get the word across. Having a good relationship with brands and PR companies are ideal so that you provide a selection for goodybags if you were to have them at your meet-up. 

I held my meet-up at Edin's Deli Cafe which is a quaint location in Hockley, Nottingham. 
Goodybags were made, and the delightful selection of raffle prizes were set up. I felt this atmosphere was perfect and very personal; a big thank you to my main support, my mum who helped to decorate and make the day extra special.

The ladies began to arrive from 1pm and I was becoming more and more nervous, making sure everything was in place and of course making them welcome. Everyone was lovely, we talked about everything and became comfortable in each others company; this also gave me the opportunity to speak about my experience with the main purpose of the meeting and to also sell the raffle tickets, which as I'm sure you can see from the picture above there was a fantastic variety to win!

We then ordered food which tasted amazing and relaxed, the girls took lots of pictures which I'm ever so grateful for and began to look through their goodybags which were each presented in a beautiful shopper tote bag provided by the company, Talented which I shown in my last feature Friday.

I also had a guest speaker whom arrived and prepared their table with interesting products and ingredients and provided us with an in depth talk on their natural products, which were Weleda.
Weleda are a company who focus on using plant based ingredients and celebrated their 90th birthday which was very inspiring; and Clare was such an informative person, telling us all about how their main product Skin food, has been shared with their customers since 1929, we were shown the ingredients of this essential product which helps any dry areas of skin with many other purposes too. Used by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham each of the ladies went away with a full sized Skin food in their goodybags to trial out.

At the end of her talk, Clare ran two giveaways, one was to win a pair of Weleda wellingtons which had all the ingredients printed on them, they were gorgeous! And then a chance to win a selection of their bodycare lotions; congratulations to Lora for winning the wellies and Nic for winning the set!

Towards the end of the meet-up was when I drew the raffle tickets, seeing their faces was priceless and I really am pleased that everyone who attended enjoyed the day and got plenty of information from it.
We managed to raise £85 for the Alzheimers Society so a big thank you to you! 
You're all amazing!

My final thoughts
Would I host a blogger event again? Of course! I found through trial and error working on this event has brought many possibilities for the future; I saw my own strengths and weaknesses which I'll of course take on board for next time. Everyone was so lovely which made things a lot easier and the support was more than I could ever wish for. 
I want to take this time to thank those who came, the guest speaker Clare, and all the brands who contributed that day. Without you none of it would have been possible.

Friday 26 August 2016

*NEW* Feature Friday - Talented 26th Of August

New Feature Friday!
Featuring Talented

Happy Friday everyone! And welcome again to another edition of Feature Friday; This is a business which I couldn't have been more thankful for. 
I recently held the NottsAlzheimersMeet-up which you may or may have not known about, and they kindly donated their gorgeous tote bags for the ladies to take all their goodies home with them! With great customer service, friendly staff on hand to answer any questions or in my case worries some may have they did a brilliant job and it's my pleasure to welcome them to you.

I shall be doing a separate blog post in regards to my meet-up so keep an eye out for that as I've got plenty of posts to upload soon. Shopper bags this day and age have become more essential to us as we all divert away from the 5p carrier bag, alternatives are tote bags which I have a vast selection of at home and have found them handy when it comes to meetings, shopping and days out! Talented are a company that provide eco-friendly bags with all different types of designs and gifts for occasions. It was a pleasure to find out more information about this lady behind the brand and her future goals as a businesswoman!

Interview with Julia Gash l Company Director of Talented

1) What has been your key inspiration to your current career?
I draw map like illustrations, called Cityscapes, of places around the world, to commission and these are printed onto ethically made and eco-friendly tote bags, giftware and stationery. Travel and culture around the world is my inspiration! I love discovering new places, whether its through my work or in the flesh.  My other two design inspirations are my cats Bobby and Jimmy who keep me sane every day: and Facebook page – Bigbobandlittlejim

2) What do you enjoy the most about your job?
I love the creativity of illustrating a place and seeing it come together on product. The best thing is when I actually walk into a store and see it on sale or even better, see it swinging from someone's arm in some far flung place!

3) To date, what has been your 'proudest' moment?
Winning the National SME Business Leader Award at the Institute of Directors was a significant achievement, visiting Buckingham Palace and having a visit to our print studio from Princess Anne are other amazing memories.

4) Where do you see yourself in the future?
Cityscaping my way around the world. Spending more time designing, travelling and mentoring start ups and small businesses that are focused on growing internationally.

5) What tips/advice would you give to someone who wants to go down the same career path as yourself?
Life and work is a journey with many, surprising twists and turns. You have to be prepared to give 100% and more and be able to pick yourself up and dust yourself down time after time.  Do what you are good at and enjoy – because you are going to spend lots of hours doing it!

6) Which would you say is your favorite item from the Talented website at the moment?
The New York Tote Bag. I am going there to a trade show next week and this tote bag is tormenting every day as I just want to be there!



For more designs and styles feel free to check out their vast arrange of items over on their website or you can find them over on social sites which I shall post the links below!
A big thank you to both Hal and Julia for their support for my event the attendees loved their bags!

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