*NEW* Feature Friday - PurpleMan Of York 18th of January



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Natures Healthbox - Avalon Organics Shampoo & Conditioner Review *



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Friday 18 January 2013

*NEW* Feature Friday - PurpleMan Of York 18th of January

New Feature Friday!
Featuring PurpleMan
This has been such a great honour for me to introduce to you one of my dearest friend's and people that I know, PurpleMan. I still remember the first time I had saw him while walking around the wonderful stone streets during my visit in York, at first I was very curious he was someone whom made you stop and look; A man who was completely covered in purple sitting absolute still on a purple bike. Just like myself many others stopped to look and had their pictures taken with him, you could see the joy on their faces as he attempted to use his magical purple paintbrush not to worry though it was completely dry but still spread the love amongst many both old and young. 

Of course as a user of Twitter I found that Purpleman was on there and very active, I had to follow and tell him what a surprise it was to see him and what he did each day for the visitors of York. I was nicely surprised that he followed back and kindly responded and our friendship built from there! After our many conversations and the lovely support that he gave during the time of my grandad's illness and discussing also the fact that I blog and also had a YouTube channel, I surprised him during my next visit and gave him a handmade card and a shabby chic purple heart, to thank him for all he had done for not just myself but for my family too. 

PurpleMan has been more than excited to release an interview with me, something he hasn't done before so this is all exclusive so thank you for giving me this opportunity to give to my readers!


PurpleMan - 'Before we start, I'd just like to say a big purple thank you to Ellie (@uniquelovestyle) for interviewing me so nicely today. Beauty blogging history has been made today because I don't normally give interviews (this is my first ever blog interview) agreeing to this one only because Ellie is such a nice person; I also love her blog name too; together, it seems, we share a unique love style!'

1) What has been Purpleman's proudest moment?
A) In every purple moment I feel proud, so choosing one would be impossible; you'll just have to read the book (purple plug!) for the big purple picture! Seriously though, I feel so proud each and every day, especially when I know my purpleness has made people smile from the inside. This feeling cannot be bought so I feel lovely and warm inside too. The world could be a wonderful place if everyone wore purple and spent their days making others happy. Imagine, all that make up; beauty bloggers would be in purple paradise!
I guess I am also proud that Purpleman has inspired some people to live from their hearts, to love themselves more and to replace negativity with positivity and love. Purpleman does, if asked, give positive purple advice on occasions, especially on Twitter (@purpleman1) and via my positive purple newsletter (www.purpleman.co.uk to sign up). Some people find this inspiring so it's always wonderful to hear from people who are now living fab and beautiful lives, straight from the heart. Hearing that peoples lives have been transformed because of Purpleman makes him, on occasions, tearfully and joyfully proud. Yes, my tears are purple!

2) How do you feel when you hear people say that they come to York mainly to see you?
A) Positive words make everyone feel good, especially purple words. We all love to be adored. But although it's wonderful, I'm nothing special, I'm just a Purpleman who has chosen to live a little differently. I hope I enhance the York experience for all visitors, but not everyone loves me and I have been attacked, both physically and verbally. I forgive these people un-conditionally and hope that, one day we can hug and be friends! York is a phenomenally vibrant and positive place; ask Ellie, she comes often. Recently I heard of an internet campaign to rename Stonegate, the pedestrian-only street where I appear. Yes, the plan is to re-name it PurpleGate. Yep, I can live with that! It's true though, there are people who come to York especially to see Purpleman. I love and appreciate this but I don't really understand why. I receive postcards (addressed to 'Purpleman, Stonegate York'....and they arrive!), stacks of gifts, cards, invitations (etc) and there are, to my knowledge, 2 children with 'Purple' as a middle name in my honour! Most important is the love I receive though. Mmmm, I guess being purple is better than a proper job. Lol. What I do isn't 'work' because I absolutely love it. Sorry, I don't (can't and won't) do normal.

3) Which quote would you say sums you up?
A) Well Ellie, this has proved to be your most intriguing and difficult question. Purpleman is many things to many people and certainly rather difficult to categorise or summarise; even I don't know how to describe myself other than 'purple and very happy.'
Many people have inspired me in my travels around the world, through the books I have read and minds I have resonated with. Monks, writers, healers, artists, charity workers and performers are some.....but no celebrities on the list!! People who live from the heart and give / gave something positive and meaningful to the world I guess, are the ones who do it for me so here's a nice quote from Mother Theresa, someone who I received two letters from years ago.
'Spread love everywhere you go. Let no-one ever come to you without leaving
happy.' Mother Theresa of Calcutta.

Indeed, a very special lady. I'd also like to quote from Lao Tzu (6th century chinese philosopher) and will offer this one: 'Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.' Lao Tzu (Tao Te Ching)
You might say that Purpleman is rather deep. Yes, the 'Deep Purple' jokes are rather well known here in PurpleLand!

4) How long has the Purpleman been sharing the love and joy on the streets of York?
A) I can't answer that because, as Purpleman, I am in state of deep meditation for up to 8 hours each day! I haven't a clue about time, floating along in a self-induced trance where time doesn't seem to exist. So, in PurpleLand there is no past, present or future, only now and my objective is to make now 100% pure, loving and positive by giving others happiness! Wow, did I just say that! I meditate and have developed a rather interesting way of 'finding inner peace' which I have turned into a retreat / training course! Details coming soon! Purpleman burst into the public consciousness in November 2004 with a stage debut at a well known Night Club in Leeds. York is my spiritual home however, and also my birthplace. Yes, the Purple Ward in the Purple Hospital!

5) What inspires you when creating your outfits?
A) Each of my 'love creations' must express what I feel inside. I draw inspiration from the seasons of natures, particularly stillness and landscapes. Also, people who have achieved against the odds inspire me, as do certain artists and performers. Whatever I create (art, words, film, music, poetry and love) always has a purple theme. That surprised you didn't it!! But the bottom purple line is this. I reach deep into my heart and create from there. I don't emulate and copy. I am inspired by things outside of me, but the final decision on what to create comes from within.

6) What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
A) My fervent purple wish is that more people have the courage to express what's in their hearts, that more people reject the negativity of their up-bringing, schooling, parenting and peers, and make a positive difference in the world. If I can inspire just a few people to reject negativity and embrace purple positivity then my 'work' is done and I'm happy. Dudes (and dudesses!) follow your hearts. Simple. When you do, dreams come true. Also, I really hope that people can awaken themselves as to who they really are and end their virtual mental imprisonment in the world we call 'civilisation'. Some Deep Purple for you there! I just want you to be free! As for me. Well, I just want to be purple.

7) How long does it take, roughly, for you to transform into Purpleman?
A) Well, it depends if the purple phone box is in use. Lol. I'm no Superman though because I don't need a secret place to transform or to apply purple make up. No, I was born purple. True! For many years Doctors thought I had a serious skin disease. How negative! I didn't have anything wrong with me at all, I had an amazing opportunity to do something positive! I took it! How happy I am that, when I was in the tummy of my mummy, she had a drink problem. Yes, she drank purple fruit juice to excess. Lol. Ok, that can be true if you want it to be. I can add that I do in fact use make-up. Copious amounts of it in fact, to enhance my 150 shades of purple! Also, I feel honoured to have received private make-up and beauty advice from the wonderful Ellie, creator of this awesome blog.

8) What would you like to say to your followers and supporters?
A) I love you all un-conditionally and hope that Purpleman has, in some small way, inspired you to live from your purple heart, to be yourself no matter what and believe in all your positive dreams. 
Finally, 2013 will see many special events in PurpleLand; All purple-themed of course and all positive and uplifting. Make sure you we are connected before I have managers looking after me and you can't reach me directly. Purple output this year will include books, film, art, meditational retreats and more; there are many opportunities for creative people too so get in touch; we could maybe work together!


(PurpleMan with  former iconic Chanel model whose image adourned the Champs-Élysées in Paris)


PurpleMan, It's been an absolute joy to feature you here on my blog! Your always safe here and i wish you a bright and happy purple future with so much more to come that i'm very excited about. 

Please spread the purple love and support by checking out and following PurpleMan to keep up to date with what he will be doing!

Official website - http://www.purpleman.co.uk/


Saturday 12 January 2013

Natures Healthbox - Avalon Organics Shampoo & Conditioner Review *

Today's post is featuring a wonderful new company that is called, Natures Healthbox, they specialise in limited to organic, eco-friendly and natural products from skin products to home cleaning! 
I had the opportunity as a blogger to experience the Natures Healthbox experience by reviewing products that can be purchased through their site. I was kindly sent both of these hair care products, which were received nicely packaged with bright tissue paper and green shredding which really reflected the organic and eco theme so well!  

Both of these hair products are the Avalon Organics brand, the shampoo and conditioner both focus on giving the hair more shine naturally with a Ylang Ylang base and enriched with mica minerals, babassu oil, plus vitamin E, panthenol and arginine.

Both bottles are 325ml (11 FL OZ) and clearly mark how the product will help to improve the hair, directions of use and a list of ingredients but it's also noted that they don't contain artificial colours, synthetic fragrances or parabens. With this is mind i was very eager to try them out! My natural hair colour is a dark blonde, but with having highlights etc i have focused a lot on coloured hair shampoos and conditioners. Sometimes i feel my hair can get quite dry and dull at times, i used the shampoo twice, made sure it was thoroughly massaged in and rinsed throughout, to then add the conditioner from the roots up and left it to absorb efficiently.  

The scent was indeed something i wasn't too sure of, but i grew to like it over time! from drying my hair i instantly saw a difference, it was much more glossy, and the blondness enhanced so much more; it made my hair feel so much healthier due to the friendly ingredients within.

I've had so much positive thoughts from using these products and i'll be sure to check out the rest of their eco-friendly line!

These products are £5.99 each which i think for the amount of product you get it's a reasonable price! Please check out their brand new website - http://www.natureshealthbox.co.uk/

For my fabulous followers i have a special discount code offer for you all for their website!

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