New Changes//New Jobs//Fresh Start



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Friday 5 February 2016

New Changes//New Jobs//Fresh Start

Hello my lovelies.
Yes it has been a while; So much has been happening it's been tricky to update you all!
Since October 2015 I started a seasonal job which I can truly say, changed my life for the better. 

New Jobs..

Personally It's been difficult to find work as well as falling into something that I'm passionate about, I'm sure it's the same for many of you too and I started to feel that I needed to push myself and my boundaries and just 'give it a go!' 
So when I applied for three jobs around the same time I wasn't overly surprised that two of the three didn't respond; I've been use to it.
I received an email asking me to attend an interview, and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands, a store that I admired from afar and always thought it would be amazing to be given a chance to prove myself. I was pretty nervous to be honest, It was a group interview and with 25 of us attending I wondered how I'd stand out during the activities and questions we were asked. I was just myself, that plain old Ellie.
It was a week that passed, and I got an email..
That stomach churning feeling began and I didn't want to click Open.. But I did.. And I read it.. I was trying to process the information and I looked again..
'You have been successful in your application for the seasonal position at Pandora' 
I was gobsmacked. My time at Pandora was absolutely wonderful, I learnt so many new skills and gained knowledge on the items learning the in-depth craftsmanship that is put into each and every one. I built lovely friendships too with both staff old and new and was a pleasure to serve customers who wanted a gift to mark the most memorable moments of their lives. When my contract there came to an end it was quite emotional, it was like leaving part of a family behind but I have found confidence that I felt that I'd once lost thanks to them to proceed in my life with new opportunities to look forward to.


It's always a goal of mine to go to the yearly fashion event that is Clothes Show live in Birmingham, And during 2015 there was no expectation. I was keen to go during the Sunday due to my complete blogging idol, SprinkleOfGlitter, attending and luck may have it I was granted a press pass too! Meeting Louise was a joyous moment and one that I'll treasure always (I shall also be doing a separate blog post about my time at the clothes show with plenty of Pics galore!)
I have also been going to many Vintage fairs, dressed up to the nines as I'm channeling my inner vintage vixen! My passion has always been the 50s and pin-up inspired glamour, it is one of my goals in life to become an alternative model in the modeling world and find my inner self confidence through it. I've found attending these fairs and taking my camera along for the journey will build up to bigger things so we shall see!

What's to come for 2016?

Well, there is going to be some exciting posts as I'm focusing more on producing outfits with that unique twist, some amazing collaborations with a very special some one.. I'll also be putting together my first Bloggers meet-up which will be raising money for AlzheimersUK and yes maybe a sneaky bit of exposure in the Nottingham Weekend Post this Saturday 6th of February. 

Make sure you're following me on Twitter @ellielouuu so you can keep updated on what's happening! 
Much love to you all,

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