Hidden gems found with Snizl



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Galentines Prosecco brunch at Caffè Rizzoli



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Reflections and Resolutions



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Sunday 19 February 2017

Hidden gems found with Snizl

'When you buy from a local business;
An actual person does a little happy dance'

This couldn't be more true! 
On the 13th of February myself and a mixture of other local bloggers, were invited by the newest App on the block, Snizl, to attend a 4 stop tour of Nottingham's local businesses, for an insight on places to venture to.

Firstly let me just tell you what Snizl actually is; Snizl is an app where you can get quick deals and offers in your local area, sent straight to your device! There's also competitions with fantastic prizes up for grabs too. They will soon be reaching out to more cities so watch this space! To download all you need to do, is to head over to https://www.snizl.com/ and follow the steps.

I adore Nottingham as I admire the growth of local businesses, there is always something for everyone when you visit. On arriving that evening our meeting point was The Pudding Pantry.

The Pudding Pantry - Trinity Square Nottingham

I've passed the pudding pantry on many occasions and always had a peek through the windows, seeing the delightful cakes and beverages that have all been homemade. This was the first time I've actually been in and I know for definite i'd be back!

We were greeted by the Snizl team who were wearing their bold red jackets, clutching tote bags with delicate paper roses peering out from them. They were very friendly and overwhelmed with us camera armed bunch! I could already sense the night would be fantastic as they had so much in store for us!

We were led to the area of which they reserved for us; wooden tables and chairs in a row, with glass drink bottles and soft pink roses placed in them. The room was very bright and pastel shades graced the walls, it was definitely the most beautiful eatery I have seen. 

The pudding pantry is very well known for their Freak shakes, and we were lucky to sample the mini versions of this phenomena! A concoction of chocolate milkshake, thick chocolate sauce, Whipped cream, salted caramel sauce drizzled and a chunk of chocolate brownie right in the middle. Thank goodness it came with a spoon! It really was heavenly, I'm not too sure i'd be able to manage the full sized version though!

We were then offered a slice of their scrumptious cake which simply melts in the mouth, the sponge was so light, topped with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and a toasted walnut. The flavors complimented so well together, It's great that they also do gluten free deserts too! 

I do apologize if these pictures are making you slightly peckish..! With brunch to afternoon teas, The pudding pantry is a spot to try out! I can just picture myself there in the summer, Freak shake in hand and a slice of cake.. what could be more perfect?

Cabella - Bridlesmith Walk Nottingham

Now as you know I'm a complete makeup addict.. whether it's buying it or applying it. So to hear our next stop would be Cabella, I was like a child in a sweet shop!

This is a hidden gem in Nottingham; if you're looking for a place to learn a new makeup technique or need that TLC before your night out with the girls, Cabella provides all of that. With budget friendly advice and tutorials, we were welcomed in by the flawless looking staff and the drop dead gorgeous decor. 

This deco-den till was definitely goals!
I loved the fact that they also used pressed glitters by Glitter Eyes which I've followed on Instagram for a long time. We got the chance to swatch the products and I had serious glitter envy.. The pigmentation in one swipe was incredible and not at all messy. I may have to go back to Cabella and purchase a palette.. or two..

We were all seated to watch a makeup demonstration with a glass of bubbly, hearing about their most loved products that they use on their clients. From MAC to even Miss sporty I was pleasantly surprised and had to take note on what to add to my wishlist.. Roll on payday! 
They told us about their makeup brushes and kindly gave us one each, which was the CB2 Angled crease brush which you can find here.

Everything was girly in Cabella and that was their aim; I'd love to decorate my future home the way that they do and have my very own boudoir!
With makeovers and even LVL treatment for gorgeous lengthy lashes, it's the place to treat yourself and others.

Weavers of Nottingham - Castle Gate Nottingham

After the fantastic trip to Cabella, we soon made our way to our third stop, Weavers. I've not actually heard of Weavers of Nottingham before, this is why I adore Snizl. They've really opened my eyes up to places I only dreamed about. 
We were led to a very charming Georgian building, specially set up for where they perform their wine tastings.
Inside was the most elegant and nostalgic rooms, making us feel like true Vips for the evening. This is where we met the fourth generation of the family, Alan Trease, whom is the managing director and two of his experienced staff, Fergus and Pete. Their knowledge was astounding and presented us each with a glass of Cremant Du Jura, which I found very palatable. It had a scent of sherry entwined within it and tasted divine. 
Behind us was a laid out table of samples of reds and whites, both wines were talked through and you could just admire the passion that they had, as they led you through the story of the way they were produced.

We were also given the rare opportunity to go into their cellar caves, I have never seen anything like this before as we all spooked ourselves out a little, with some stories thanks to Pete! Being underground it was actually a peaceful feeling, keeping at a comfortable chilled temperature all year round.
It's intrigued me on their wine tasting events and will truly be something I'd have to attend some time. Upon leaving they gifted us with a bottle of their red wine which I'll admit, I did give to my mum, but that's due to her being more of a red wine drinker than I am.
This will be an experience I'll look back on!

400 Rabbits - Hurts Yard Nottingham

Our final stop of the evening was 400 rabbits. A tequila bar that was very well hidden away from the market square. The question was, how many bloggers can you fit in a bar? 
Surprisingly we all did!
I loved the vibe that the bar gave, with uptempo 90s hits, that we couldn't help singing along to and amazing mexico decor hanging from the ceiling. We were handed some quirky bandannas and pop up hats, and were shown around. I was way too happy to see a Sega mega drive set upstairs, as well as a  foosball! This was such a quirky place that I wished I had found it sooner!
Back downstairs they were sampling sangria, along with shots of Tequila and Mezcal; which goodness me they were strong! I'm more of a classic cocktail kind of lady so I did have to refuse certain spirits! I can see why they are called 400 rabbits though, as we were given the full insight on the bar's history and enthusiasm to their ingredients in their cocktails through a masterclass. 
If you were wondering, they have a happy hour every day 5-8pm! 

I'll have to stop by for a catch up with the ladies, a cocktail and a game of Sega!

It was one of the most enjoyable evenings, and was great to meet so many lovely bloggers and fabulous businesses, big thanks to all of the Snizl Team and the companies for having us!

Let me know if you download the App and what your thoughts are on it.

Love Ellie xo

Friday 17 February 2017

Galentines Prosecco brunch at Caffè Rizzoli

I was invited a long with other local bloggers, to a very surprising and thoughtful treat from the wonderful Intu Victoria Center Marketing team. It was the Sunday before Valentines day and love was in the air, shop displays with hearts and flowers galore, I arrived with Sarah to the venue, Caffe Rizzoli.
This is a new Prosecco bar that is within the Victoria center in Nottingham, nestled next to the newly placed Emett Clock. With modern surroundings the sleek exterior worked perfectly. Smartly dressed waiting staff were tending to cleaning and preparing for the day ahead as I headed round past their mouthwatering cake display and gelato cabinets, eager to meet the other ladies and find out more about Rizzoli.

We were automatically greeted by the host. A smartly dressed lady who was warm and welcoming, directed us to our table. The ladies from Intu welcomed us and began to give us an insight of the day.
Sitting in a corner area as the bloggers began to join us, an enthusiastic male came to our table and introduced himself, This was Jeremy.
 Jeremy is the owner of Caffe Rizzoli, which first established in August 2012 at Medowhall shopping center along with his two sons. To then open it's doors in our city center, Nottingham, it's definitely a place to go after a long day of shopping with the girls!

I asked for a Strawberry bellini and it was exquisite! I adore prosecco and although it was 11am.. it was rude not to! We started to look through the menu, dish after dish. with thorough ingredient information and affordable prices I opted for the Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.

The food was fabulous quality and completely fresh. We all talked about our work and studies and had a full heart to heart over brunch, typically one of the best days in a long time, it felt much deserved.
We were gifted the kindest present, and the packaging was very me! The gold on teal effect was picture worthy and the contents simply shocked me. One of my favourite brands is Skinnydip and luckily we have a pop up store within our Intu, well.. Ladies who didn't have an iphone, were surprised with this beauty..

All hail the mermaid vibes!
This wallet/purse is really up my street! I adore the rainbow glitter effect, and it can hold all cards and money in a compact way. It was very kind and will be added to my Skinnydip collection!

Jeremy came over to speak to us and was extremely attentive to everyone's needs and requests. He kindly allowed me to ponder as I found it hard to choose my desert! But I felt that I chose wisely as I went for the chocolate fondue with cream. Lush!

The sponge was light and fluffy, with rich melting chocolate that oozed as I sank my fork into the heart of it. It complimented the meal wonderfully and it was beyond my expectations. I'd highly recommend Caffe Rizzoli to anyone whom is looking for a nice spot of lunch, with fresh Italian ingredients and a choice of beverages, speedy service and helpful staff. I can't wait to go back again!

As we were finishing up at Rizzoli, with a kind goodbye from Jeremy, we began to head to House of Fraser which is in close proximity and were taken to the beauty department, where brands stood from Bare Minerals to Bobbi Brown.

With more prosecco flowing, we browsed the counters and were guided to our chosen brands for a makeover! I requested Bare minerals due to never trying the brand before and would love to see how it works with my skin especially their powders, but unfortunately their makeup artist wasn't there so my other choice was Urban Decay, which I love their palettes and had my eye set on the Naked 3.

I wandered over to the Urban Decay counter, browsing the beautiful shades of lipsticks and the pristine palettes, which graced the shelves.
Greeted by Ashleigh, who conducted the makeover, I discussed that I was more than happy to try anything; as I arrived at the event with barely any makeup on at all! (pretty scary for me!) So she did a full face, going step by step on how the product will benefit with its wear ability, and left me wanting every product she used!
I actually went the following day to purchase the Naked 3 palette, i'm a sucker for rose gold and the shades were stunning she really sold it to me!

At the end of the event, we were handed an adorable hot pink bag with selected samples of the brands, from skincare to fragrance and left us all feeling very glamorous for the rest of the day.
I'd like to thank Claire and Sophie for organizing the day and making it so enjoyable for us all!

Love Ellie xo

Sunday 5 February 2017

Reflections and Resolutions

"If you're not tired, you're not living hard enough"

Looking back on the year of 2016, I would have to say it's been one of my most rewarding. It's helped me realize my own strengths and weaknesses and think about what I want from life. What a difference a year makes.


I've been working in retail for over a year; firstly in a jewelry store then into fashion, both I thoroughly enjoyed doing. It's rewarding when I can put my style knowledge into what I do and I thank my blog for that especially. I've been learning something new every time I go into work and it's made me feel a strong purpose. Knowing that I've helped someone find their dream outfit makes me feel proud and accomplished in my role. I was also given the most amazing opportunity to model some of our beautiful dresses for the summer edition of my town's magazine! I felt like a princess as I posed on the grand staircase, within the palace theater, and the store also got an overwhelming response too.

On the aspect of my self employment, Daisy May Boutique is still growing! I have my store on Etsy which I have a small selection of my creations for sale, I also create Nappy/Diaper cakes which will be sold in upcoming craft fairs which I want to participate in during 2017, as it's one of my objectives. So if you know of anyone who's expecting and would like to surprise them with something unique, then feel free to contact me in regards to my previous products, which I can send images of by request.


I've had the most amazing year in 2016 where it considers what I have done within the Blogging industry. I hosted my first meet-up (#NottsAlzheimersMeetup) which was to raise money for the Alzheimers Society, a charity very close to my heart, and spend time with other bloggers for the afternoon; including a raffle and a special talk from Weleda. I raised over £85.00 that day and I'm still proud of the outcome. It's given me the confidence plus the experience to be able to organize more events in the future, which I'm hoping to hold!

Credit to SherryScribbles.com for the fabulous group photos

During the beginning of the year I was featured in the Nottingham Weekend Post with their fashion blogger segment, I find this newspaper very inspiring, as it's full of the independent businesses and entrepreneurs, so to actually be in it was an honor!
I also attended events held within my city, which consisted of seasonal trends and what to find in the Intu Victoria center, New salons and seeing my blogging ladies who really have made my 2016 extra special.

 I also reached my Twitter follower milestone which was 5,000 followers! I'm still surprised even now and very grateful for each and everyone who reads my blog, as well as supporting me through my social media platforms.
For Christmas 2016, I received a brand new camera which I was completely overjoyed with, I've always wanted the Olympus Pen since trialing it out during the Clothes show live event back in 2015. Now it will give me more confidence with taking high quality photos in the new year and fingers crossed.. To try and get back into my YouTube channel so keep your eyes peeled!


I've been working hard on perfecting my vintage look, I've had short hair for a long time and it's my mission to try and grow it to at least the base of my neck, to begin experimenting with pin-curls and hopefully victory rolls. I've been to more vintage events also, including the vintage carnival which was held at Nottingham racecourse and a fair few antique fairs to find one of a kind treasures.
My resolution for this year is to attend more vintage events and fairs, and do outfit posts, as well as a few modeling style shoots, which will be exhilarating.

I want to work on my self-confidence as well as body confidence, so my idea is to go to burlesque classes which I've heard are a lot of fun! I used to dance years ago as a teen so it would be great to get back into it and to feel good from doing it too.
I've been using positive thinking also in my day to day routine, with thanks to a great friend of mine whom you may recall - Purpleman from York. I attended his film premier in the month of June and I couldn't have been more proud. It's such an eye opener into the world we live in and just by changing the way we think, can change our entire outlook on life.

Another lovely moment during 2016 was the fact I was blessed with a nephew, a wonderful addition to the family and a total surprise considering I have two nieces already!

I'm thoroughly excited to see what 2017 brings this year, and I'll bring you along for the journey.

Love Ellie xo
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