Blogger masterclass at Cabella Nottingham



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The Beauty Temple Mapperley - Blogger Evening



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Sunday 27 August 2017

Blogger masterclass at Cabella Nottingham

Glamorous Glitters,
Make-up Goals,
Tips & Tricks!

Hello Lovelies! 

Now you may have recalled a previous visit I had at the beautiful Make-up boutique within Nottingham; CaBella is in the heart of the city center, just a stroll up Bridlesmith walk, and it's a perfect place to go to if you're looking for make-up tips and tricks, needing your make-up to be applied for a special occasion, or just a treat for you and the girls!
When my friend, Sarah, notified me about the CaBella ladies putting together a blogger's evening, I was more than excited to inquire about attending. As a lot of you may know, my biggest passion is make-up, and growing up I always wanted to become a make-up artist. Over the years my obsession with palettes, lipsticks and much more has grown and I'm keen on learning something new, so I'd love to share my experience with you all at this informative event.

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the talented team that are Dannica, Jordan and Charlie; three individuals which all live and breathe glamour and passion for their job. With complimentary prosecco, I made my way to the rest of the excited bloggers and took a seat; each seat was laid with detailed information about each presented look for that evening as well as generous goody-bags from CaBella and Kieh'ls, which I'll include more about them further on!
The first look on one half of the face, was done by Dannica on Charlie. This was their signature smokey look, which had more of a wow impact and was ideal for long lasting wear, preferably for an evening out or for a special occasion/event. Dannica walked us through every step of the way, indicating that it's ideal to apply your eye shadow before your foundation incase of any fall out, and to start off with little application, to further build up the pigment and effect.  The glitter pigment that she used was one of my key favourites, this was in the shade, Champagne kisses by Glitter Eyes. It was amazing that every product used was fully pigmented, a little went such a long way and you can see how it was well worth the money, on lasting and value.
This was the completed look on Charlie; with an insight of how to contour best for your face shape, the famous selfie light picked up the best highlight and sparkle! I would love one of these beauties for my further selfies that's for sure!
For the next part of the masterclass, Jordan then demonstrated a lighter application on the other side of Charlie's face. This was a look which showcased their own brand new line of pigments and eye shadow palettes. The main pigments used for this look were Sphinx and their luxurious gold in Vegas for that added pop in the eye's corner. We were then given the chance to see every new pigment swatched onto Charlie's arm and there were plenty of 'oohs' and 'ahhs' as our to-buy lists were slowly growing!

This was both of the overall looks created by Dannica and Jordan, I just adore how both were so different but yet with their added CaBella flair. I had to also grab a shot of the pigmented arm Charlie was sporting for us! It was great that they were so patient in letting us take photos and ask questions where needs be. I found it an informative and fun evening, with serious girly envy of their decorated location. I'm sure I'll go by again and pick up a few make-up essentials, and apply their techniques to my own look in the future.
Below is an overview of the kind goody bags given to us on the night; With information on other independent businesses, which CaBella also support. There were two samples provided by Kiehl's, which were an eye balm and the ultra facial oil free cleanser. As you know, I'm loving trying out the Kiehl's range so these will come in handy!

In the CaBella goody bag, there were great discounts and offers from local businesses, a scrumptious white chocolate truffle from Studio Chocolate, some samples from Bareminerals, although the foundation shade is very dark for my skin, it was interesting to see the consistency and something I could trial out in my matched skin tone. And kindly given to us was a random selected pigment from CaBella! I was shocked to find the shade Twilight in my bag, this is a purple shade with silver reflects, and would compliment my green eyes if I went for a bold look!

This is the shade Twilight in just two strokes! I will have to post an overall make-up look on my Instagram feed using this pigment, so do keep an eye out for that!
A massive thank you to the ladies at CaBella, for hosting such a great evening for us all!
Find out more about their masterclasses and prices especially if you're local, here.

Love Ellie xo

Monday 14 August 2017

The Beauty Temple Mapperley - Blogger Evening

Splashes of glitter,

Cocktails and cupcakes,

Pampering to perfection!

Hello Lovelies!
When I was contacted for the chance to attend the newest beauty salon within Nottingham, I was in my complete blogging element. As you may recall my blog post in regards to the Nottingham fashion press event, that was held at The Beauty Temple; well, this is their latest establishment in Mapperley; Just a 15 Minute bus journey from the city center, with their doors opened on the 27th of June this year!

I attended the event with my two blogging buddies, Sarah and Stacey. Luckily, Sarah's husband works not too far from the location, so I felt more at ease when she was able to guide us in the right direction!

Upon arriving at The Beauty Temple, we were greeted by the staff and the PR team; where we were given an insight on the evening and our treatment times. While it was still quite early this gave us the perfect chance to have a wander around and snap some pictures! The decor and the colours used were stunning, and felt completely luxurious, just how they intended with their royalty themed packages.

One of the services which the Beauty temple provides, is their blow dry bar. With this service a treatment you can have is a semi-permanent colour named 'The Royal Indulgence colour cocktail' they use the brand Milk_shake, to create mermaid vibe effects to your hair!
We were given a live demonstration of how this product is applied and used; it was interesting to watch and learn about, due to being a person that likes to colour her hair whenever she gets chance!

Just take a look at the beautiful colour swatch wheel that can be created! For best results and a more vivid shade, it's ideal to be used upon lighter hair. Yet it gives a stunning hue on darker shades as it glistens in the right lighting.

Just from the side of this, one of the treatments we could have chosen to have, was the glitter application; A member of staff provided a selection of glitter which the client could choose from, and it was applied to the face with beautiful effects. Festival vibes were flowing as we indulged our glitter bomb cocktails and the in house DJ was spinning the latest hits.

On the other side of the salon, there were two nail stations neatly set-up, with two members of staff smartly dressed in their salon uniforms; In turn we were called over, firstly Stacey, then Sarah, then myself.
 We were given the chance to choose which nail varnish shade we'd like and I had to go for the more coral/orange undertone, it just screamed summer to me! 
My nails were neatly filed and shaped, then the base coat and varnish was further applied; I had such a lovely chat with the beautician, but sadly I didn't catch her name, but she couldn't do enough and made me feel at complete ease. She kindly also painted my toe-nails the same shade, so I felt extra relaxed and refreshed and brave to wear sandals!

Just like the main salon in the city center, they have a bar set up in the corner and we were treated to delightful miniature cupcakes and canapes. I find this such a fun and girly touch to a pamper session! And it's definitely a unique concept to a beauty salon.

The beauty temple is ideal for a well earned pamper for yourself, your family and friends; with plenty of packages to choose from and all at affordable rates too.
They also stock and use the following brands -  Elemis, Delilah, CND Shellac, ST.Tropez, LVL Nouveau lashes and HD brows just to name a few!
I had a marvelous time and felt like an official VIP for the evening with a big thanks to the team; Blogger's pamper day is definitely on the cards!!

As we left the salon, we were generously handed goody-bags which contained in depth information about the new salon including treatments and packages; a beautifully created tiara shaped cookie, a CND nail varnish in the shade Mauve Maverick #206 and a leave in treatment by Milk_Shake! I'm excited to try all of these and I'll be sure to let you all know how I get on with them. 
For more information about the Beauty Temple, including price-lists, packages and pop-up parties feel free to click here

 Love Ellie xo

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