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Porcelain Doll ♥



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Refreshed Roots With Batiste*



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Bronzed Goddess*



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Tuesday 28 August 2012

A New Way To Online Shopping With Mallzee

We have all heard of the on-line shopping destinations such as Boohoo.com & Missguided.co.uk, but there is a fresh new site within the works that will be launching later this year and they are,

I have been thrilled as a new blogger to have the opportunity to give you some information about this website and what you can expect! 

The basics about Mallzee
Mallzee are creating a new way to shop and by this they are giving you the chance to create your own personalized shopping mall (Mallzee) by picking your very own favourite brands and stores. Their software then finds products matching your personal style and showcases them in your Mallzee! This website is connected then through Facebook which gives you the chance to have your Facebook friends visit your mall and discuss with you product choices and star items which you can then also include because from this, that's right.. they can purchase from your selection! 
As a bonus to inviting friends to your mallzee is that as the ‘owner’ you earn money every time anyone buys from your Mallzee! (That's right you get paid when you or your friends shop!) Very clever and fun hey!

What are my own personal thoughts about Mallzee?
At first i thought it was so much to take in and understand but once i did, it sounded a more fun way to shop online even with your friends! For some time i have felt that there should be a change on how we purchase and shop for our favourite brands, rather than just picking and putting it into the checkout having your own little on-line mall personalised to your favourites makes the experience more unique to yourself! 
They currently have 200 brands signed up to Mallzee (Urban Outfitters, New Look, Feel Unique and St. Tropez to name a few) Which gives you so much more, fashion and beauty all in one sounds a good match and perfect if your looking for a different way to shop this year!
I have already signed up with my email which welcomes you as you click to enter their website and until the launch, applying your email puts you into a prize draw to win £100 shopping vouchers! I'd recommend you do the same and to also spread the word on twitter and facebook!
I'm really excited for them to launch!

What are your thoughts and opinions for the new way to shop this year?


Monday 27 August 2012

Porcelain Doll ♥

Hello my lovelies! Today's post topic is something very close to me and that is having pale skin and which products I use and recommend for others that may be struggling to find make-up for them.
Having such a pale skin tone I have noticed that it is much harder to find products that match up so well and that either doesn't look darker than my own tone or a big noticeable change as i still like my skin to look natural when wearing foundation and powder etc;

As i grew up and even during my time at School I did get bullied for how pale i actually was, I have always been this way and even tried to use fake tans but they never seemed to look right they would always seem to go horribly wrong and i was at such a loss on for what to do; all I wanted was to be accepted no matter how I looked and i'm sure many others feel the same way. I got to the point to start accepting who I am and by this I grew fond of the vintage era, mainly 1940s-1950s the women would be so glamorous, they would look confident and made up so well but most of all they had porcelain skin that always looked flawless and matte and from this I was inspired. I took my style to the whole new level and I have never been happier! 
This has meant I have looked even longer for foundations, spoken to many beauticians and make-up artists to get the best advice and learnt a lot through trial and error; but I would love to show you my top beauty essentials that I can not live without! 

(moi on my 21st birthday hehe
Dress- Topshop
cardigan- New Look
Necklace - TattyDevine
Ring - Accessorize)


Ok So lets first start off with concealer;

Soap & Glory's Kick Ass Concealer in shade Light/Clair
A three piece concealer set best used within 24Months of purchasing
RRP- £10.00

Back of product view

Step one & two of product 

View of the pressed powder step three

I have found using this concealer one of the best products i have had from soap & Glory; I came across Zoella another fellow blogger/Youtuber reviewed this item and many others have raved this product and as for a while I wasn't able to find any concealers to banish any of the darkness under my eyes and the slight breakout; I was meaning to try it out and purchased it from the Boots store. Of course i bought the light set and provides brilliant coverage with blending it works a treat! My first thoughts were surprising for buying a concealer for £10 but, it has suited it's purpose wonderfully so i would recommend this to all especially for fair skin! The set comes with a inbuilt mirror, perfect for on the go touch-ups and a cute little pad for applying the powder cute and quirky!


Next up are my fair skin recommended primers!

On the left - Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer (Cream)
On the right - Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer (Classic)
Both are 30ml products best used within 12months of purchase
RRP - £13.99

I remember first finding a sample of these primers within a magazine i was browsing one day, For a long time i would always just wear foundation then powder; i had never took the time to find myself a good quality primer for a foundation base. As my face was washed and prepared i tried this sample and couldn't believe the texture of it applied to my face, it felt like velvet and dried pretty much instantly! For this i would recommend a pea sized amount for the chin, then the cheeks and the forehead especially if you are prone to oily-combination skin. In comparison to each other the cream took more time to soak into the skin whereas the classic took seconds! These are fabulous for on the go and travelling and the pump also shows how much product you have left each time it is used! The only thing i would say is for a drugstore brand it's great quality maybe quite a treat yourself product due to the price! and as it dries clear with a matte finish fair skin can benefit from this.

Swatch of the primers before blending
Cream & Classic

Next recommended primer;

Benefit's That Gal Brightening Face Primer
Sample sized product- 7.5ml
Recommended to use within 12months of purchase
Full size RRP - £21.50

Such a beautiful product, it has a pink tone to it which is part of the raspberry and camomile that brings a sweet scent but not irritating for the skin; and contains light-reflecting pigments to help brighten all skin tones! This sample came from glamour magazine and because i hadn't tried it before i was excited to see what it was like! Now i use this primer everyday! It's been part of my make-up routine and i notice a difference to the skin's appearance once it has been applied along with foundation too; Yet again i would recommend a pea-sized amount on the chin, the cheeks and the forehead and to then blend in upward strokes. This can help a complexion to prevent dullness especially under the eye area. It's a really nice product that does brighten the skin and makes it look more dewy i will be getting the full version i'm sure!

Swatch of That Gal primer by Benefit


Up next are my recommended Foundations for pale skin!

Revlon's PhotoReady Foundation In 002 Vanilla
30ml sized product best used within 24Months of purchase
RRP - £12.99

If you have fair skin i would recommend either the product in Vanilla or shell; I have been using the vanilla for a long time and have purchased this on more than one occasion because it was wonderful to work with. I pump the product onto the back of my hand and with using a buffing brush i then work the foundation upwards into my skin, it has a lovely full coverage with spf 20 and is also fragrance free and oil free too. Photochromatic pigments that are within the foundation are used to bend and reflect light to help erase every flaw and is such a difference when in different lighting with such a matte effect. This leaves the skin with a soft finish and light feel. Perfect for those special occasions, for brides and for photoshoots!

Swatch of Revlon Photo-Ready in shade Vanilla 

Next recommended foundation;

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum In shade 51 Vanille Clair 
30ml sized product best used within 12months of purchase
RRP- £10.99

It's marketed as 'gel foundation' but I feel that the consistency is more liquid; and i feel that Bourjois is one of the few brands which provide a good match for pale skin tones. The colouring is slightly yellow, which helps to neutralise my skin tone. The coverage is good and can be built upon, helping to tackle my tired skin, without making it dry. I apply it with a buffing brush, but due to the consistency it does need to be well blended. The appearance is clear, healthy and glowing skin, just like it promises! 

Swatch of Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum In Shade 51 Vanille Clair

My Last recommended foundation is;

Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation in "I'm pure 4 sure" Ivory
30ml sized product best used within 12months of purchase
RRP - £24.50

This has been my newest purchase and it was a couple of months ago that i was browsing the benefit counter and was told about this new foundation that had recently been brought out. Unsure i told the polite make-up consultant about how i feel when trying new foundation when having such pale skin and hoping to make a match she helped link up this shade for me. Application was smooth and felt so nice preferably to use with a foundation brush as this has a light to medium build up coverage so blending is essential; It actually felt very light on the skin and felt as if my skin was breathing more and not clogging up the pores. Once it was applied it shown more of a healthy complexion to the skin and i was determined to purchase it and is now what i use all the time!

Swatch of Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation in "Im pure 4 sure" Ivory


Here is the pressed powder i would recommend for fair skin;

Hello Flawless Powder Cover-up in "I love me" Ivory
7.0g product
RRP - £24.50

From having my small makeover of the oxygen wow the make-up consultant also used this powder over the top which nicely sealed the foundation giving it a flawless and matte look which i adore! It can also be known that the powder can also be used alone as a foundation due to its build up coverage! This product also comes with a sponge and a brush to give you a different application that will leave your skin glowing and well covered. Now i use this daily also using a powder brush i lightly brush it against the powder and using long strokes over the face to even out and then i use the sponge applicator to gently pat onto any blemishes. I would recommend this for fair skin especially this tone due to its natural appearance once applied!

Preview of the powder with brush and sponge which comes with it


Hope my tips & recommendations have given you some advice and ideas but just remember to love and accept yourself that's all what matters :) 


Saturday 25 August 2012

Refreshed Roots With Batiste*

Ever wake up in the morning and feel you need to give your luscious locks a little refreshing? 
Gone on your holidays but need something quick and instant to give your hair body and shine? 
Then Batiste has been on everyone's list as it has been one of the most must have items since it's launch and I have been ever so lucky to review for them!

Just some from the range that i was sent! Batiste Cherry, Lace and Blush!

What exactly is dry shampoo and what can it do for me?

Funnily enough i was thinking this as soon as I heard about dry shampoos; I had never used it before and was never sure on how it would leave my hair feeling, would it dry my hair out? would it even make it greasy? and to be honest many dry shampoos that i did see in the drugstores didn't look too appealing; but that's until I saw such a fabulous range launched that gives dry shampoos a whole new look! 
The appearance of the cans themselves are so quirky and match the scents perfectly and even look great on your dresser or even in your handbag! Dry shampoos work by absorbing the excess oils produced by sebaceous glands on the scalp and with batiste they have made it so hair gets even more body but with a gorgeous scent too which is perfect if you feel your hair needs that little refreshing. Batiste has been awarded and featured within the media and their collection have been booming with new fragrances and sizes.
Batiste have been a festival must have along with those breaks away when your hair is feeling a little dull it surely makes a difference and gives you that beach beauty or boho goddess style; with so much to choose from I wished I had tried them sooner!

What sizes do Batiste provide?

Sizes of this product can be from 50ml, 150ml, 200ml and 400ml!

How do I use Batiste?

Very simple! All you do is shake the can vigorously before use and keeping the nozzle about 30cm from hair, spray into roots. Massage through with fingertips to distribute the colour. Brush and style and viola your ready to rock! 

Is Batiste for all hair types?

Batiste can be used on most types of hair which is a nice relief for any first time users who are curious about this product but it’s fabulous if you have fine flyaway hair as it can give your hair texture and added volume. If you don’t want that volume effect, simply brush out any excess after massaging through which shows that you can control how much volume you want this product to give you.

Can I find Batiste in my country? 

As far as I know batiste is available in the UK, USA and Australia.

Does Batiste have a website?

Indeed they do! - http://www.batistehair.co.uk/
Through their site you can also toggle between the USA and Australia websites also!

My own personal review on Batiste Cherry, Blush & Lace

Here are my own thoughts and personal views on these products which I was kindly given to review, all comments and opinions are 100% genuine and my own and I have not been paid to do so.

This was my first time of trying Batiste dry shampoo so I really wasn't sure on what to expect and I admit I was a little nervous as when it comes to hair products I stick to the same one for a long time and i'm not as adventurous as I really should be! My package arrived quickly in good condition which is always great for any aerosol product and the sizes were all 200ml and provided Information on how to use on the can including safety information and cautions which must always be read before using.
One of my favourite points of the packaging has to be the bold colours and themes that they use to reflect the scent for example: Cherry- Fruity & cheeky, Blush- Floral & fruity and Lace- Seductive & elegant; It just really makes the product have a feminine feel to them showing that with each theme is a different style!
I would have to say that the quantity of the product is fantastic and will last very well so i'm sure you wont be disappointed which is lovely for regular use. 
The first one I tried was the Cherry, I followed the instructions on how to use and was much easier than I expected, massaging through the roots after the product elegantly gave body to my hair instantly not feeling dry or sticky and a sweet but subtle scent I was in love with it straight away! Next was lace, which is one of the newest to the collection and the scent was divine very fresh and floral and not overpowering which is great for that everyday boost! And lastly was Blush, that was a fun and girly scent that i feel had the strongest scent out of them all; I feel that i wouldn't swap washing my hair to use the dry shampoo but to use it when i want that little freshen up during the day but would say it is perfect for example taking to the gym or going to a festival! With the mini travel sized batiste cans you can have fun trying them out before your sure on buying the bigger versions but i will be getting many more now i'm sure of it!

Have you tried Batiste yet? if so what are your thoughts? Do let me know as i love to hear your comments and opinions!


Friday 24 August 2012

Autumn Haze*

So a lot of you have noticed these past posts have been on a wonderful company, W7. Who bring both quality and affordable products to the high-street keeping up to date with the latest trends and seasons; and i must say as a blogger/reviewer I have enjoyed taking the time to test, try out and talk about these items to you all and have appreciated the opportunity in doing so. 

View of the reviewed collection of, W7 Metallic Nail Varnish In Metallic Venus, W7 Metallic Eyes In Cosmic Mauve and W7 flirty Eyes Mascara

Here are my own thoughts and personal views on these products which I was kindly given to review, all comments and opinions are 100% genuine and my own and I have not been paid to do so.


It's all been about nail varnish effects this year 
and gorgeous metallics have definitely been one of them! 
W7 brought out their own metallic range focusing on a planet theme (so unique)

Product advises to shake well before use
The colour is in 87 Metallic Venus
15ml polish best used within 24months

My First initial thoughts of this product

-Bottle shape is similar to china glaze / O.P.I
- Amount of product is very reasonable
- Product's shade is clearly shown 
-Product brand is clearly shown on the front 
- Shows how many months this product is best used within
- Ingredients are present on the bottle
- Safety of using the product is visible

Review of W7's Metallic Nail varnish In Metallic Venus

The shade itself is very unique, it's a mixture of purple with deep golds and greens duochrome that sparkle within. Holding the bottle under the light is where i catch the shimmer at its best i was curious at how the varnish would look on the nails, whether it would look exactly the same from the bottle or  different i was eager to try this product out! 
I easily unscrewed the bottle and removed the medium sized brush from the varnish, the tone was deep and shimmering at a decent consistency, it wasn't too thick nor too runny. 
I noticed from applying the first coat of varnish to the nails it would need to be built up with coats for the product to have full visual coverage; it applied nicely onto the nail with no difficulty. 
The varnish dried very quickly and retained its metallic finish i had noticed it was more of a deep shade of purple but when caught in the light a hint of blue emerged it was just an unusual and beautiful shade. I would of course recommend a base coat before application to ensure the varnish doesn't stain the nails but the quality of the varnish itself is fantastic with no chipping even after a week! 
This shade is just among others within the W7 metallic planet varnish collection but they are simply creative and perfect for this autumn/winter season.

If you would like to purchase this product or any from the metallic planet collection go to -


Next for dreamy eyes this autumn is
W7's Metallic Eyes in Cosmic Mauve;

Waterproof Eye-liner 2.5g product
Recommended use within 6Months of purchase

My First initial thoughts of this product

- Very sleek item
- Perfect for on the go
- Fits nicely into any handbag/ luggage/ make-up bag
- Colour sample on the end of the case
- Font is clear and readable
- Brand's logo shown
- Ingredients of the product provided

Review of W7's Metallic eyes in Cosmic Mauve

I've been very impressed with W7's Metallic eyes collection from previously testing the shade cosmic brown; I haven't used a deep purple toned colour like this as an eye-liner before I usually stick to my black or brown tones but of course i was eager to try it out and review! 
The tip is very slim and is a brush texture, so I would recommend this for a precise liner that is applied close to the lash line but it can be built up for intensity which i prefered to do to give more of a intense liner look. The pigmentation was very good for a shimmer liner and i loved using this to complete a smoky purple eyed look it completely set the look off and was wonderful under lighting to pick up the shimmer tones.

The liquid fluid isn't too thick nor runny and dries very quickly also once applied; I've found it's easy to remove with a make-up wipe etc and doesn't smudge either.

Swatch of the product

To purchase this item or any other from the metallic range go to-


The last product to complete your fall look is
W7's Flirty Eyes False lash effect mascara;

False flash effect mascara in black
15ml product recommended to be used within 12months of purchase

My First initial thoughts of this product

- Very sleek item
- Perfect for on the go
- Fits nicely into any handbag/ luggage/ make-up bag
- Font is clear and readable
- Brand's logo shown
- Ingredients of the product provided
- Has modern shape packaging
- Packaging is strong

Review of W7's Flirty Eyes Mascara

I enjoy finding a mascara that actually makes a positive difference to the lashes once applied; there are so many out there yet a lot that I hadn't been so fond of, but seeing W7 having a mascara with a false lash effect sounded quite the product. 
First off I love the packaging, Its a great size to use for travelling and storing within a bag due to its sleek yet strong design!
 Undoing the brush from the packaging was simple and easy and came out with no problem; I was very surprised at the style of the mascara brush with its curved design it can easily apply to the lashes helping them to curl, be bolder, separates the lashes better and makes them fuller. As always i was pleased with the quality that W7 provided in this mascara for an amazing price i have found it even better than drugstore brands! 

If you would like to purchase the flirty eyes mascara go to -


As i have said before W7 have been such an honour to review for! 
Do let me know if any of the products i have reviewed have been something you have purchased recently would love to know all of your views and comments on them!

Saturday 11 August 2012

Bronzed Goddess*

Shine like a goddess this summer with W7 products
Time to unwind and style a lovely bronze look perfect for this season

View of the reviewed collection of, W7 Lip Explosion in Copper Blast, w7 metallic eyes waterproof eyeliner in Cosmic Brown, W7 Matte Lipstick in Naked

Going For The Bronze

Here are my own thoughts and personal views on these products which I was kindly given to review, all comments and opinions are 100% genuine and my own and I have not been paid to do so.


If you love glitter and want to sparkle like no other then expect extra sparkles 

with W7's Lip explosion in copper blast!

Product within its packaging

Double ended product, Clear gloss & Glitter
Product best used within 12Months of purchase

My First initial thoughts of this product

- Nicely packaged 
- strong box outer packaging
- Product image shown on the packaging 
- Great clear and strong font
- Brand logo shown
- The product's name shown on the packaging
- Provides instructions for use
- Ingredients shown
- safety/caution information provided

Review of W7's Lip explosion in copper blast

Seeing the glitter sparkle through the panel of the packaging, it reminded me back of 2011 at clothes show live UK taken place in December. The main trend was glitter lips worn by the models and was also available at stands to try the trend out! This make-up effect is very dramatic so in this case an evening out or for example a photo-shoot would be perfect for this look.

Straight away I read the instructions for use on the back of the packaging, it notified to apply the clear gloss firstly which is a lip gloss wand brush, to then use the other end which contains the glitter to be placed over the top. The clear gloss wasn't sticky textured it was a sleek consistency, I carefully began to unscrew the glitter end and it was nice to see that the dry formula was able to be applied with a lip gloss style wand brush; The effect can be built with application, the more glitter applied the more sparkle there would be! 
As this is glitter do be careful with using the glitter side as there is chance of fall out when removing the wand from the container but this can easily be cleaned up.

I would say this product is fabulous within the winter periods something more unique and glamorous at those Christmas parties!  

This product clearly states that it should not be used by children under the age of 12.

Swatch of copper blast lip explosion

If your looking to purchase this product or any other from the lip explosion range go to-


Next to dazzle like a goddess is 
W7's Metallic Eyes In Cosmic Brown;

Waterproof Eye-liner 2.5g product
Recommended use within 6Months of purchase

My First initial thoughts of this product

- Very sleek item
- Perfect for on the go
- Fits nicely into any handbag/ luggage/ make-up bag
- Colour sample on the end of the case
- Font is clear and readable
- Brand's logo shown
- Ingredients of the product provided

Review of W7's Metallic eyes in Cosmic brown

I adore wearing eye liner! whether its gel, liquid or pencil I can not wear my make-up without it! This eyeliner has been fun to wear and perfect if you want a colour that's different and indeed eye catching, removing the brush tip from the packaging was very easy and the contents were well concealed. The tip is very slim and is a brush texture, so I would recommend this for a precise liner that is applied close to the lash line but it can be built up for intensity. 

This product has a shimmer to it also, hint of gold within the brown which i find truly beautiful when it catches in the sun, and makes an finishing touch for a smoky eyed look or even a natural! The liquid fluid isn't too thick nor runny and dries very quickly also once applied; I've found it's easy to remove with a make-up wipe etc and doesn't smudge either.

Swatch of the product

To purchase this item or any other from the metallic range go to-


Lastly for the perfect pout this season is
W7's Matte lipstick In Naked

Part of the W7's Hollywood Glamour matte lipstick range, inspired by the cinematic stars of yesteryear
3g weight product best used within 12 months of purchase

My First initial thoughts of this product

- Product packaging is sleek 
- The twist up portion is smooth
- The bullet part of the lipstick case is securely placed
- Ingredients are printed on the outer wrapping
- Product shade's name is printed on the end of the lipstick clearly
- W7's logo has been embossed onto the lipstick itself

Review of W7's Matte Lipstick In Naked

Along with the matte lipstick range by W7 this is a gorgeous bronze toned lipstick. Its a perfect consistency for a matte as it isn't too drying but very pigmented! As this is a matte lipstick I would always recommend to have a lipbalm to hand just to ensure the lips are fully soft before applying. 

The colour can be built up depending on application but personally as I am a pale skin tone just the one application was enough for me but of course this would vary on the audience; This would be a perfect shade for summer and to top off the bronzed look! 

Swatch of the product

Do let me know if you decide to add any of these products to your glamorous goddess collection this season!

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