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Wednesday 16 January 2019

A new chapter

Well, it truly has been a while since my last blog post; Firstly I do apologize for my distance, If you follow me on my social media, you may have got an understanding of one of the most difficult year's that I've had.
2018, was a Year that I wouldn't want to say I'd like to forget; but more of a Year that I need to rebuild myself upon. In the month of June, I sadly lost my dear Grandma. I've been highly fortunate to have had her in my life since I was born, and there have been countless of memories that I'd treasure forever. Sadly after losing my Grandad, almost 7 years ago now, I had noticed changes in her lifestyle, and her memory. Losing her was a huge shock, but I was relieved to know that she was finally reunited with my Grandad and pain-free.

In toll this has pretty much deteriorated my own mental health, which is something I hope to write about some time on my blog, and had negatively effected my motivation for my passion of writing. But as I will dearly treasure my Grandma's support for my future and my work, I don't want to give up for her; But to continue in her memory. So I've decided to come back for 2019, look into a new light, and get back to what I once enjoyed doing.  
I've experienced love and loss greatly in 2018, but my enthusiasm for vintage still remained. I had some marvelous times at York and Nottingham with yearly vintage events, which I plucked up the courage to attend. But seeing my dear friends that I have made over the years, made it that little bit easier, plus I even took part in my first vintage dance class, with a massive thanks to Red and Ginger! (The loveliest Vintage Dancers I have met..)

I was also cordially invited to the launch of Alto within Nottingham, a bar which Carl Froch is part owner of; To attend press events were a struggle for me, but I knew that I had to keep going in my life and spend time around positive and supportive people. Moments like those were such an honor and, I still feel like pinching myself whenever I'm in those moments.
One of the main people that I've been ever so lucky to have, is my best friend, Sarah. Now, if you didn't know, I met Sarah through blogging, by attending a local meet-up a fair few years ago. We kept in touch, thinking we'd probably only see each other on the off chance, and I knew when I was creating my own meet-up for Charity, I wanted to definitely invite her along. Seeing her again was lovely! and it was great to get to know her and crazily enough, she didn't live that far from me at all! Over the years, we've been able to go to events together, and days out shopping; I genuinely missed having a friendship as strong as ours. Sarah and her husband were ever so good to me and my Mum when losing my Grandma and I truly don't know what I would have done without them both.

So how will I be coming back this year with blogging? Well, I am hoping to bring to you tips and tricks, tutorials, and more! and my main focus will be.. All things Vintage and how I create my looks! I can't wait to come back with a bang, and here's to a positive and proactive New year!

Be bold, Be brave, Be you.
-Ellie xo
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