Handbags And The Gladrags..Gorgeous ClaireabellaBags*



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Thursday 27 September 2012

Handbags And The Gladrags..Gorgeous ClaireabellaBags*

Everyone has something that they enjoy having a collection of; whether its shoes, scarfs, sunglasses, earrings etc i would always conclude that i'm a lover of bags. 
It's true! I would have to be sure that with what i'm wearing the bag goes well with it, or that i always have a handy clutch for an evening occasion or even a Large bag for those weekends away! But what i adore most, are the fun and quirky bags that catches people's eye when you walk past and they would stop to ask where did you get this from? 

A new fashion must have has come onto the scene and that is the personalised tote bag!
When i first found out about these bags of course i went a little crazy and was hoping to find out more about them, who makes them etc. There are many wonderful companies who make these by hand and they are perfect for bag lovers, a special gift, and an ideal Christmas present! 

I was ever so lucky to be in touch with the ClaireaBella team who have a brand new website packed with information and of course on how to order one of these gorgeous bags of your own!

The creativity has been brought to a new scale, and of course i adore all things handmade and unique which is why i was thrilled to have one of my own to review for you all!


Here are my own thoughts and personal views, all comments and opinions are 100% genuine and my own and I have not been paid to do so.

I had come home from my weekend away for my 22nd birthday and on the side was a cute pink package. I ran quickly upstairs into my room to open it carefully, revealing inside the most gorgeous tote bag i have ever seen with a ClaireaBella card along with it. I can still re-call myself sitting for almost half an hour looking at the time and effort put into making such a beautiful product that reflects my personality in a whole! 
I love how it's a work of art that is personal to myself, with added glitter, rhinestones, silk bow and a charm it really sets the whole bag off; A complete must have item ClaireaBella bag's are completely worth what the recommendations say! I thought it was a lovely gesture to add a card too which includes their social sites and a lovely thank you message for every order! On their website i read more information about the founder and she is such a sweet woman with a talent that i'm very proud to see grow with many and i do wish all the best with her future.
The tote fabric itself is a soft texture and within its been nicely covered that if you put anything inside that tips over it can easily be wiped off and yes these bags are also weatherproof wowzas! 

My only tip to you all would be if you were to order one, ensure you look after it well so it doesn't get marked! So be careful when you do go out and about with it hehe.
ClaireaBella doesn't do just personalised bags but mugs, phone-cases, hoodies to even lunch-boxes! So adorable for the little ones! And the prices are fantastic too; as you can see with every product how much time and talent has been put in to design each and every one. 

This would make a perfect gift and i am sure i shall be treating some people to something ClaireaBella this Christmas!

 --Placed my picture next to the bag to show how much they can match the way you look!--

For your own chance to check out the lovely ClaireaBella here are the links you need!

And they are also on twitter so go share some love!

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