Chino Latino Birthday Celebrations



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Nottingham In Fashion - Press Evening



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Thursday 23 March 2017

Chino Latino Birthday Celebrations

Ravishing Reds,
Bold Blacks,
Exploring the pan-Asian Cuisine in Style.

When I received an email in regards to attending Chino Latino's Birthday celebrations; I couldn't resist the urge! I've not been to Chino's before, But I had heard many wonderful reviews on the food and atmosphere. 
Chino Latino has their venues within 4 locations, Nottingham is one of them and can be found upon Maid Marian Way, right within Park Plaza. They create and serve pan-Asian cuisine, And have created Latin cocktails that will compliment the dishes.
 The email pointed out, that there will be a dress code of red and black which I found exciting and had to hunt the perfect outfit out for the evening! I decided to go with a shocking red shift dress, with bell sleeves, and used a black clinch belt to provide a hourglass effect.

On arrival at the venue, red lanterns gracefully hung across the ceiling, where a walk way led us to two smiling ladies, to take our names and mark us off of the list. Our welcome, was very warm and inviting, as we were offered an alcoholic beverage and watched as the guest list arrived in style. Outside was an outstanding fire performance that literally made us 'ooh' and 'ahh' in her marvelous display; Including the popular fire eating trick which left us speechless.

It was brilliant to see the way that the guests used the dress theme, stylish dresses along with modern statement accessories; The night quickly became busy, as a long outstretched table with freshly caught sushi cleverly positioned upon it, it was definitely center of attention. 

Staff would come around offering delicious canapes of intense flavours, That can only make me wonder what their full menu would be like, as we mingled and conversed; It was great to see a lot of the East Midlands blogging ladies there too as it gave us time to catch up and enjoy the night together.

Within the reception area we were then surprised by their very own Chinese dancing dragon! The dragon dance had to be my own personal highlight of the evening, the live music was so powerful and strong. The costume itself was fantastic, with batting eyelids and moving mouth; Telling a story through it's movements and emotion, it was spectacular.

The dance then led us through to Chino Latino's main dinning and cocktail area; a colourful selection of cocktails to try on trays, was presented on the bar. A DJ then took over so that they could take the party deep into the early hours, and yes it was the best time to throw a few dance moves out there!

At the far end of the room, there was a miraculous display.. Think of it as the supreme dessert table; Fresh melon fruit, spelling out Chino Latino as surrounding it were mini desserts, a tower of profiteroles with thick cream filling and drizzled in milk chocolate. It was ideal to take a few pictures of this masterpiece before the actual unveil.

It was seriously one of the most amazing Birthday celebrations I've been invited to; and it was a complete honour! Thank you to the lovely Cartwright Communications for the invitation, and to Chino Latino's hospitality. I'll be heading back again soon to try out their dinner and tasting menu, and shall report back on my thoughts!

Credit to The Gem Agenda for this picture!  

Love Ellie xo

Wednesday 22 March 2017

Nottingham In Fashion - Press Evening

Glitter Bomb Cocktails;
Live in house DJ,
Fashion bursting at the seams.

Nottingham is bringing back its Yearly event, by showcasing the spring/summer style it has to offer for all.
Our evening was hosted at The Beauty Temple, in the heart of the city, and it was a glamorous atmosphere for the perfect presentation of the upcoming trends.

As we arrived, we were greeted by the Gemini PR team as well as the staff of the beauty temple; and were then handed a cocktail coupon, which could be redeemed during the evening. I took the opportunity to take plenty of pictures whilst it was still early and that I could enjoy networking more and having a good mingle! As the night progressed, more familiar blogger faces appeared and we were all treated to the most scrumptious cocktails, called the glitter bomb, with actual edible glitter in may I add!

There was entertainment with an in house DJ, who played tunes from the past and the latest hits; while we sipped cocktails and sampled the amazing pizza generously provided by MOD.
It was lovely to see Kimmy Rolfe, who will be presenting many of the shows this year and from just talking to her, you can really sense how passionate she is for getting the brands and public together in the city.

It was so pleasant to also speak to the adviser from the brand Delilah, which I've not come across before, but they are stock-listed at The Beauty Temple. It's a luxurious brand and aims to make women feel immaculate every day when used. They had the most beautiful packaging which was specifically created for the brand, a flawless pewter tone which makes it a stand out piece in any makeup bag!
Makeovers were offered as the story of Delilah unraveled; They do not test on animals and all of their products are paraben free which I love to hear. I especially loved the look of their blushes, with pops of pink and coral undertones and the cream lipsticks, which reminded me a lot of the Charlotte Tilbury nudes.

We were all then seated, as we were given a little fashion show of the main trends, that will be appearing at the upcoming weekend.
As informed there will be three different types of shows that will cater for every taste-
Show 1 : From Campus to Club, providing high street brands and iconic vintage stores that can be found Hockley way; This is perfect for any student or if you are on a budget but yet want to be in the trend.
Show 2 : From Desk to Dinner, This is more aimed for the working professional in the city, for showcasing tailored looks for work to then be dressed up for a night after clock off!
Show 3 : Style Classics, for those key pieces from high end stores, located in the heart of Nottingham.

So, what are some of the key trends this Spring/Summer 2017? Well, be prepared for -

  •  Fuchsia - Bold pinks whether they're an accessory, clothing item or even a rocking pink lip is key this season.
  • Check-mate - Checks will be sporting the catwalks and stores which can be dressed up or down with the retro hounds-tooth print and plaid for days.
  • Spring Bling - This is one i'm excited for, floral prints with statement accessories with extra bling and sparkle!
  • Born In the 80s - Think padded shoulders, Jumpsuits and mini neon bags; it's all coming back!

A big thank you to the two models, Jamie and Ryan, whom showed us how to style the pieces and giving us a personal insight of the 24th and 25th of March. 
As the evening drew to an end, I thanked the team for having me and we were kindly given goody bags which included generous discounts, sweets and perfume samples as well as information about #NottmFW.

I'm so excited to attend on the 25th and will be dressing up in the newest trends that's for sure! Feel free to say Hi if you spot me!

More information about shows and times can be found here as well as giveaways and discounts on the days.

Love Ellie xo

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