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Wednesday 8 November 2017

BlueBird Tea Co. // Nottingham Opening event

I've been a fan of tea for as long as I can remember; a breakfast tea has been my go to most of the time, but I have been slightly adventurous with fruit teas over the years. I recall trying the Whittards fruit tea samples in their outlets and the flavorsome the better I thought; Sadly that was many years ago and I've been willing to try out something new for some time, So when I had an email in regards to the opening of BlueBird Tea Co I couldn't wait to see what they had in store; and hopefully convert me!

We were warmly welcomed in to the store, along with many other bloggers, local businesses and family alike; With some details on what to expect for the evening, it seemed like a fun packed opening and it was highly convenient to be in the heart of Nottingham. The scent as soon as you walked through the door to the store, just blew the senses, with so much to see and smell. The walls had perfectly lined tea tins, labeled and colour co-ordinated; precision was key to the merchandising, but I was shocked at how much interesting choices they had!

Just up a couple of stairs to the far side of the store, there was a long table lined up with three different cocktails for us to try; I was immediately drawn to the deep pink and blue mix, also know as their Unicorn Fizz, which with a stir, turned to a pretty purple as you can see captured above! It was overly magical and scrumptious, the blue raspberry tea was blended beautifully and was a pleasure to enjoy over ice. With drinks in hand, we continued to explore the first floor, the Christmas gifts looked incredible, with perfect ideas for tea lovers. Speaking of Christmas, they have special blends which they create for the season, below you can see just one of the blends and how it is presented before you brew it; These were fantastic photography opportunities as every blend had their own eye-catching appearance. 

We made our way downstairs to the area which was specifically set up for the 'blend your own tea' station and also screen printing; I decided to create my own blend which was so much fun, smelling every ingredient and choosing the ones I liked the most. I used rooibos base, chocolate nibs and rose petals; I'm highly curious on how this will taste as I'm still yet to brew it! But the scent smelt scrumptious, so I'm hopeful!

I had to capture this amazing concept, The Tea advent calendar! Although there is such a variety of calendars introduced over the years from beauty to spirits, this would be an ideal way to the run up of Christmas with a different blend of tea each day. It values for £36 which is fantastic value for 24 days! It includes some of the people's favourites from BlueBird Tea, as well as exclusive blends just for the calendar, such as Mrs Claus's raspberry prosecco, which sounds totally up my street!

Click Here to buy yours while stocks last

Towards the end of the evening, we made our way back upstairs to the main floor; Where we had the opportunity, to smell the blends from the tins, off of the shelved wall. I have never smelt anything so true to the real thing.. Cherry bakewell, bonfire toffee, birthday cake.. It was so interesting to think how a tea could smell as well as taste so good. They really smelt good enough to eat! I would have never thought it was possible and I'm overjoyed to now know such a creative place in Nottingham.

It was fantastic to meet Krisi who's the BlueBirdTeaCo. Founder and creative director; she's extremely passionate about the concept and the products and couldn't have made us feel any more welcome and special that evening. After a long goodbye, Krisi let myself a long with my fellow blogging buddies set off home with a drink of our choice, I had to opt for the Strawberry Lemonade, as from what I had researched it's one of their best selling teas and liked by many bloggers and media! Fantastically strawberry infused with a kick of lemon, it went down a real treat.
A massive thanks to the Nottingham team for inviting me, I can't wait to pop in again during the festive season for gift ideas.

If you've checked out the BlueBirdTeaCo. website, which tea would you love to try?
Or if you could create any flavour of tea, what would it be?
Let me know in the comments section below!

Love Ellie xo
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