T ' was The Night After Christmas..*



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A Unique Christmas From EllieCreation!



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*NEW* Feature Friday- Sugar & Vice 14th of December



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Friday 28 December 2012

T ' was The Night After Christmas..*

Hello Lovelies i'm back with another exciting review! This is very out of the norm for me but it's a start of a new regular involvement i'm hoping to have here at UniqueLoveStyle.

Today's review is for a wonderful company, www.SimplyFancyDress.co.uk whom gave me the opportunity to review one of their Christmas outfits for them!

    (Tutu Elf Costume)

As of being contacted, we as bloggers were given the chance to choose a costume off their website, specifically Christmas related. It was ever so hard to pick as there was so much choice! From cute female Mrs clause to a sweet angel I focused mainly on the size and availability of each outfit to make my overall choice on reviewing their adorable yet sassy, Tutu Elf Costume.

The service which I received was very professional and they ensured that I had all the information that I needed; They posted out the costume much quicker than expected and was packed wonderfully to ensure all contents were kept together. 

The outfit's material is 100% Polyester and I adore the tutu skirt itself! From removing it out of its packaging I hung it for a couple of days so that the skirt part would relax to its full effect. Over on their website as you order, your shown how the item will look upon models with photographs at different angles and zoom ins too which helps pick up every detail of what you will be receiving. Listed also is the costume's sizes with helpful heights and measurements included too, and as you select overall they state how many of the costume they have in stock at that time! 

The colours are wonderful, perfect for the festive season as its very much an eye catcher! And i find the bust top is comfortable as it stretches and fits nicely to the figure.

What's perfect is that with anything you order you can get 5 working days delivery for free wonderful for those fancy dress parties you will be asked to attend! 

Sunday 23 December 2012

A Unique Christmas From EllieCreation!

Its been a very mixed emotion year for me as a whole, From losing my dear granddad to gaining a new love of blogging I do hope to pursue this dream in the new year.  
I've had such a wonderful time of working together with companies and alongside other amazing bloggers in a group giveaway! 
I'd never thought i'd see my blog pick up the way that it has, to know there are others who have taken an interest in what i have to review or feature really has been overwhelming as it is my readers who i love to write for so i thank you for supporting this blog by commenting and following. 

What will you see from UniqueLoveStyle in the new year? That has been something i have thought over many times, i'd like to expand my content by involving my own style and adoration of fashion, some fun reviews and of course i shall be holding my own giveaway too to thank all my followers and readers for amazing support to keep my blog going! 

So on behalf of my blog i want to thank you all, hope you have a magical Christmas and a super new year! Keep on blogging lovelies never give up!


Friday 14 December 2012

*NEW* Feature Friday- Sugar & Vice 14th of December

New Feature Friday!
Featuring Sugar & Vice 

Such a joy to be featuring this company whom offers so many handmade gorgeous bits and pieces! If your like me, and have an eye for unique and stylish accessories then this site is for you. Sugar and vice create pieces such as necklaces, rings, earrings to even personalised accessories! Their charms are made from plastic, some are made from lightweight alloy metals such as pewter, most are made from brass that has been either silver or gold plated. All of their charms are completely lead-free and have not been known to cause an allergic reaction, however, they cannot guarantee that they are all nickel-free. 

As soon as you click to go to their website, you can see that their navigation to different parts of their stock is very clear and presented nicely with a lovely kitsch notebook background it all fits in so well with their theme! 

(Pug Necklace just too cute!)


Interview with Sarah Victoria l Co-Owner of Sugar & Vice

1) What has been your key inspiration to your current career?
A) The main thing that inspired me to start the company was, at the time, a distinct lack of the sort of jewellery that I wanted to wear. I've always been very fond of bold, colourful pieces and the only people fitting that bill were Tatty Devine. As much as I adore their work, my bank balance wouldn't allow me to splurge on any of their pieces so I decided to do my own thing and make it more affordable but try to be just as original and quirky!

2) What do you enjoy the most about your job?
A) Working for yourself is very much a game of two halves; it's incredibly difficult but also incredibly satisfying. Nothing in the world beats checking my emails to find a glowing review or a sincere thank you from a happy customer. It never fails to make my day and to know that I've made something that someone genuinely loves is the best feeling ever.

3) To date, what has been your 'proudest' moment?
A) Ooh, that's a tough one! To be honest, no one thing springs to mind. This job is a constant parade of 'proudest' moments, thankfully. Each new piece we design and produce makes us incredibly proud so it's a continual thing and I think constant pride in your work is a very important factor in this business.

4) Where do you see yourself in the future?
A) At the moment, I'm looking into the logistics of opening a brick shop. Sugar & Vice has always been a uniquely online company so I'd love to open a shop in Kent in the next few years. Watch this space!

5) What tips/advice would you give to someone who wants to go down the same career path as yourself?
A) The most important piece of advice I could give anyone is to simply not give up. Times have been very tough over the last few years, especially with the financial climate being what it is, but if you're passionate about something and are prepared to work hard for very little money to begin with, then it'll definitely be worth it in the end. It's taken me 6 years to create a successful business with nothing in the way of business loans or shop overheads so anything is possible if you put your heart and soul into it. 

6) Which would you say is your favourite item off your website at the moment?
A) I think my personal favourite would have to be the Pug Necklace as I'm mad on pugs! A customer favourite and probably one of our more versatile pieces though, is the Magpie Necklace.



If your looking for a statement piece this Christmas, either for yourself or someone you know then Sugar & Vice should be a number one stop! With a wonderful free gift when you spend over £25 and with such a wide range of items it will be something on my Christmas list i'm sure! 

Which items do you like over on their website? Do let me know in the comments section!

Thank you for letting me feature you sugar & vice, and lots of luck to you with the future and a merry Christmas too!

Find them over on - 

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