Reet Petite OOTD

Beauty Advent Calendars launching 2016 - Top Picks

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Reet Petite OOTD

Hey lovelies!
Hope you're all doing splendidly, this post is something I wanted to share with you. 
My passion of the vintage era grows with not only my thoughts and the way I live but also the way that I dress; when I'm not at work and I go to retro events I go the full way with make-up, hair and of course the overall outfit.
The last event I attended was the vintage carnival at Nottingham racecourse, there was so much to do and see but the only downside was the weather, I tried to get some pictures when it settled down but that would have been the only thing I would have wished to have been different.

I'm going to start posting more of my outfits of the day if you enjoy them, just let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

What I wore ..

Dress - LindyBop
Belt - HellBunny
Jacket - LindyBop
Shoes - Topshop
Underskirt - LindyBop
Bag - Vintage
Necklace - Vintage
Head Scarf - Bow and Crossbones

Also here are a few captures I got of the day of some of my favorite parts of the event!

I had a marvelous time and met some great people; my goal is to attend as many vintage events as I can especially those in the bigger cities, as well as post the outfits so you can get some ideas if you'd wish!
I find it exhilarating to dress differently and to live it, walk down the street and hold your head up high; if you're happy with the way you look that's what matters.

Love Ellie xo

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Beauty Advent Calendars launching 2016 - Top Picks

From luxury to affordable, this year is no exception to find your top advent calendar.
I will admit, only last year was the first time I actually ever had a beauty advent calendar, I was always tempted to buy ones from the clothes show when they were on a special offer but went away empty handed. 
But now it's got to the point where all the launches of Christmas gifts, wrapping paper and cards have hit the stores and we get cheeky glimpses of beautiful packaging with delicate doors to open on the countdown of Christmas. 
But the amazing thing is opening these travel sized or full sized items to get continuous use out of them till the new year!

So shall we have a look at what Beauty calendars are out now or soon will be?
Get your wishlists at the ready!

Lookfantastic Advent Calendar 2016

When does it launch? November the 1st 2016
How much does it cost? £70.00 with free delivery (contents worth over £300!)
What type of contents are there? This calender provides with the essentials such as haircare, bodycare and makeup with a top secret on the exact items perfect for that surprise each morning.
Where to buy? Here

Diptyque advent calendar

When does it launch? Available now!
How much does it cost? £250 
What type of contents are there? This is a beautiful selection of home fragrances, candles, body treats and more. Definitely for those who need that pure luxurious experience this year,
Where to buy? Here

L'Occitane Christmas Beauty Calendar

When does it launch? Available now and UK Stores!
How much does it cost? £42 (Contents are worth 80.00)
What type of contents are there? This packaging is completely breathtaking and too adorable for words! They've really done a wonderful job with this one this year, containing 24 of their products in miniature form such as bath and body, great for those who haven't tried L'Occitane before!
Where to buy? Here

Ciaté London Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar

When does it launch? Available now on their website!
How much does it cost? £50
What type of contents are there? This is one of their best selling items every year and I can totally see why! 24 miniatures of their nail varnishes which this year they've brought 4 exclusive shades just for this calendar! With limited surprises in this one this might be on my favorites list!
Where to buy? Here

Charlotte Tilbury World of legendary parties 

When does it launch? Available now online!
How much does it cost? £150.00
What type of contents are there? I've lusted over Charlotte Tilbury and I can see why it does so well with their customers, this is a stunning selection of award winning items in travel sizes including magic cream and wonderglow! Your party essential for sure.
Where to buy? Here

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Luxury Beauty Calender

When does it launch? Available now on their website!
How much does it cost? £125.00
What type of contents are there? Now this one is what stands out to me fully, I'm obsessed with all things vintage so I'd be a happy lady if I had this calendar that's for sure. With a vintage twist you'll receive darling full sized beauty tool/accessories and even more beautiful, rose gold tools to glam up your make-up bag.
Where to buy? Here

Final thoughts, 
What was your first beauty advent calendar you ever had? I'd love to know!
Plus which one are you thinking of purchasing this year?

Be Merry and Be Beautiful,
Love Ellie xo
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