Thai Cooking Masterclass at Thaikhun Nottingham

#Paperhaul - Crafty Creatives Subscription boxes Review*

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Thai Cooking Masterclass at Thaikhun Nottingham

Fresh Ingredients,
Bursting with flavour,
IntuNottsBloggers Thai Masterclass.

Hello Lovelies;
I wouldn't say I'm the most adventurous when it comes to food, but Thai has to be one of my favourites when it comes down to preparation and flavour.
I've been to Thaikhun, in the Intu Nottingham centre a few times, and indulged in their vibrant atmosphere, which feels as if you're stepping into that part of the world; And their food has been fantastic every time, with lunchtime offers and treats for the kids, it's really a place for everyone.  
I was kindly invited, with a handful of Nottingham Bloggers, to attend a masterclass at the restaurant. Not exactly knowing what to expect, I will admit I was a little hesitant, but built the confidence to give it a go!
We were welcomed by the staff, who were bright and bubbly, One of them which was Drew, whom hosted our evening; And offered us a fruity cocktail which I believe was named the 'Full Moon'. It was ideally the perfect setting, as we were drinking cocktails on the outdoor terrace, the sunshine lightly beating down upon us. 
With our drinks in tow, we were shown to where all the masterclasses happen; Yes I was pretty much petrified as I regained flashbacks of cookery lessons at school! But, thankfully due to such patient and understanding people around me, I actually realized I can do this, although I don't exactly cook when I'm at home! We had our own little work stations, as well as chef hats and aprons. After being kitted up, we were introduced to one of the Chef's Named M, who was guiding us through the wonderful world of Thai Cuisine. 
The first dish we were making, were fresh prawn rolls, using rice paper, prawns, cucumber, carrot and lettuce. I love prawns, so this was an exciting starter for me to re-create. We cut the ingredients into fine slices while the rice paper was placed into a bowl of water to turn into a slimy/workable texture. We followed the chef step by step, sadly my rolls weren't photography worthy, but did taste scrumptious!
Now we were onto the main course! We were taught to make, Thai red curry. Our workstations were once again set up with the fresh ingredients, and the best thing about this dish, was that we could alter it to our own preference of spice. The maximum heat I ever go for is a korma! So we found out the only way you increase the spice is by adding red chilies to the curry. It was fun to test out the flavour along the way, I actually couldn't believe I made something that tasted ever so good! It was a sweet yet subtle savory sauce and complimented the chicken well whilst it marinated.

And viola! This was definitely picture worthy I think; we plated up our creations and were then led back up to the restaurant area. We were kindly given a bowl of sticky rice to accompany our red curries; I could have eaten this meal over and over again, I was so proud of myself.  I felt that was the best part about the experience, that it doesn't matter how much or less skilled you are in the kitchen; Their masterclass caters for all. Nottingham's Thaikhun provides a cooking school every 2nd Sunday of the month, from 11-1pm where you can also learn to cook a starter and a main. You can find out all the different Thaikhun locations and classes they have to offer here.

They also have an amazing opportunity up for grabs, where you and a friend can win a trip to Thailand! The competition is called #BestSummerEver and just by filling out your details of interest you can get a free Pad Thai! With other scrumptious prizes up for grabs it's something not to be missed.

I'd love to say a big thank you to the Intu Nottingham team for arranging the event and for Thaikhun for the fantastic experience, one which I'll never forget!

Love Ellie xo

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

#Paperhaul - Crafty Creatives Subscription boxes Review*

Hello Lovelies!
So, one of my passions in life, is arts and crafts; and when I spotted #Paperhaul also known as Crafty Creatives, reaching out to bloggers about their subscription service, I couldn't resist!
I have heard, as well as come across, many subscription boxes, from food to beauty, but to hear about a monthly subscription to beautiful themed stationary, is something quite new to me.

I received the package swiftly, in a firm envelope. The contents were held together by duo toned string, and it was clear to tell what the theme was for July! Mermaid Magic, which is something I'm loving at the moment too. With a welcome card on top, I would give a huge thumbs up for the presentation, which personally is key with subscription boxes.
The set contained a handy lined notebook, two postcards, a large card and envelope and three small cards with envelopes. Precious golden waves and seashells marked the selection, with mystical mermaids and seahorses galore.

The stationary itself is stunning; I love the prints used as well as the colours, and they compliment each other so well. The quirky slogans give it more of a unique touch, and are perfect for a greeting card or a special note for someone.
The quality was beyond my expectations, from the card's texture to the actual print. For £10 a month + £2 for your P+P within the UK, it is simply worth it.

Overall I think this is something I'd be interested in signing up to, from viewing the past boxes the themes just keep getting better and better, and I love how they work closely with artists; To showcase their work I find that in itself a powerful impact. I'd love to see more of the vintage style too of course, but I like the fact that each month it's a guaranteed surprise.
When signing up to your first #PaperHaul box, feel free to use the code 25OFF for 25% off!

Do let me know what your favourite type of subscription box is in the comments, I'd love to know!

Check out #PaperHaul over at -

Love Ellie x
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