*NEW* Feature Friday - Gifts And Home Boutique 29th Of April



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Events To Check Out! Lou Lou's Vintage Fair #2



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Friday 29 April 2016

*NEW* Feature Friday - Gifts And Home Boutique 29th Of April

New Feature Friday!
Featuring Gifts and Home Boutique

Hi my lovelies! It's been long overdue for the regular Feature Fridays and I'm happy to bring it back this year; As you know, my feature Fridays were created to give awareness on small businesses, bloggers and creative minds. To give them a boost of well deserved views and I'm glad it has helped thus far. This week's feature is a lovely store that I came across called Gifts and home boutique ran by friends Sarah and Maz, They sell all things special for the home with personalized and sentimental options to choose from. 
I think when it comes to finding a gift for someone on a memorable occasion that my usual go to would be for example Etsy, but since looking at this small online store it has really opened up ideas for future gift giving to come! Under categorized tabs, the web page helps you select the exact occasion your looking to buy for, including home decor ideas too! With quirky ideas that you can't find on the high street, Gifts and Home Boutique is a store to sure swoon over!

Interview with Sarah l Owner of Gifts and Home Boutique

1) What has been your key inspiration to your current career?
We started our own business knowing we both shared the love of Personalised and thoughtful gifts for everyone and the home. We love shopping for all pretty little things that make great accessories and gifts for all occasions that offer that personal touch. we were both at a similar point in our careers and family lives to take this on and give it a go.

2) What do you enjoy the most about your job?
Getting to do something we truly love, we both enjoy sources new and beautiful personalised products for every occasion and add that extra special touch with most of our products been personalised, we generally adore everything we sell in fact that is our one rule "if we don't completely love it we don't sell it."

3) To date, what has been your 'proudest' moment?
As we started with a small shop on Facebook and as word spread and demand quickly grew we decided to open our own online store giftsandhomeboutique that you see today.

4) Where do you see yourself in the future?
We hope to maintain this for as long as possible or until we reached such a point that we can perhaps take on a shop of our own.

5) What tips/advice would you give to someone who wants to go down the same career path as yourself?
If its something that you long to do and have an opportunity to do it then give it a go, wherever we end up in the future we know we will never look back and wonder what if, we can both look back and say we tried.


Gorgeous right?! Big thanks to the lovely Sarah for participating in this week's Feature, all the best to her and Maz for their future!
If you'd like to take a look at their online store simply go to 

Sunday 17 April 2016

Events To Check Out! Lou Lou's Vintage Fair #2

Lou Lou's Vintage Fair Nottingham
My experience at the award winning fair that covers the UK!

Hey there loves! I'm thrilled to be bringing to you another of my experiences at one of the UK's popular events; Lou Lou's Vintage fair! Now, some of you may or may not know that I'm like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to vintage stores, that's because I have a passion for the 1950s fashion, beauty and morals. It's been a style that I've developed over time and find it my most comfortable look to have. The 50s was known for their poodle skirts and pin curls and I find it such a beautiful and glamorous era that a little find is like treasure to me.

I've heard a lot about Lou Lou's as they usually take place in cities all over the UK and because Nottingham is the city I tend to most visit, seeing that they had one arriving there this month was something I couldn't pass up.

The event took place in the stunning Albert Hall in Nottingham, where like minded fans gathered, stalls were covered in all things vintage and they played music that would make you do a happy little jig through the speakers. 

For this event, there were two floors of vintage stalls from furniture and china teacups to handmade bespoke hats and children's dresses. From arriving at the ticket desk, there were small tables where you could have a nice cup of tea and homemade cake from Lil's Parlour to even a pop up salon with the Diamond Diva's on hand to make those gorgeous victory rolls come alive!

It was pleasant to see lots of handmade crafts too, with flowing conversations of their passion and ideas which I give them all my very best to. 

I did bag some bargains too! My go to stall had to be Minimum Mouse where I purchased some quirky brooches and 50s cat eye shades which I can't wait to model! 

I would definitely recommend any vintage enthusiast to attend one of these fairs, just to collect inspiration or add to their collection. 
I'm sure this will be the first of many fairs I'll be going to this year that's for sure! 

For more details on when there is a Lou Lou's fair in your area, just check out their diary here

Until next time guys and dolls..

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