Binky London - Purple Gel Effect Nail Varnish Review*



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Monday 2 February 2015

Binky London - Purple Gel Effect Nail Varnish Review*

Binky London
Gel Effect Varnish Review

Hey there everyone! It has been a while since my last blog post, so let me just say happy new year to you all and hope you're already having a positive 2015 so far! Today's post is a review featuring my new brand favorite, Binky London!
If you've not caught my last post about the brand you can catch it 
here - Binky London 2014 Review Which gives you information about the start up of Binky London and the type of shades they already have on sale.

If you're in the UK and you went to the clothes show in December 2014, you may have noticed that there was the Binky London stall there, which had an array of nail shades but also make-up such as lipsticks and eyeliners. I bagged myself 3 of the lipsticks so if you'd be interested in a post about them, just let me know in the comments!

Onto the review!
All comments and opinions are 100% my own and I've not been paid to say them.

Binky London - Purple Gel Effect Nail Varnish 12ml

  • Brand new gel shade to add to the current Gel effect colours.
  • A 12ml product which should be used within 36 months of purchase.
  • Perfect handheld size that can be suitable for travel; the bottle does remind me of the models own packaging.
  • Information on the bottle is in a readable text containing the Binky London website.
  • The bottom states the shade and range the varnish is from.
  • A wearable purple shade, it is more of a block standard purple tone and when you see the shade through the packaging it is exactly how it shows on the nails.
  • The information on the bottle does state to use a base-coat before application, this is important as it is a deep shade staining of the nails can occur without the use of a base.
  • The brush is a short length but slightly thicker in the width which picks up quite a lot of product to apply to the nail.
  • I noticed after the second application the varnish did appear quite streaky if you are in a rush, so a third coat was necessary for an opaque overall effect. 
  • For a gel effect, the varnish is more thicker in consistency and has an ultimate glossy shine to it, but to prevent chipping I would say a trustworthy topcoat should be applied.
  • The polish alone lasted 5 days until peeling/chipping started to be visible.
  • Ideal to leave the nails to dry for a couple of minutes per layer to prevent any bubbling upon the nail surface.
  • Very good value for money for a gel effect polish!
Swatch of the purple gel varnish without a topcoat


To purchase this shade you can find it over at - Buy Here!

Do let me know your thoughts on the Binky London polishes and if you would like to see a post on the lipsticks in the comment section below!

Have a beautiful week!

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