Shavata Brow Studio Experience at Nottingham John Lewis



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Thursday 10 May 2018

Shavata Brow Studio Experience at Nottingham John Lewis

Within the Nottingham Intu Victoria Centre, John Lewis have completely re-vamped their beauty department, on the first floor, by welcoming new brands. One of which I was unaware of, Shavata Brows and Beauty Bar.
Now, some of you may or may not know, that I'm a qualified Beauty therapist, which was something I had a strong passion for when I had left school, many years ago! Back then it was the norm of waxing and plucking eyebrows, but it was also something which I did minimal of.
I was not one for letting someone else take charge of my brows, I would squirm and feel tears run down my cheeks whenever I did my own too. Luckily I had very fair hairs, so it was less noticeable whenever i'd leave them to be natural, from time to time. As I've gotten older, I've not been as bad when it comes to tidying them myself; With my strong interests in the 40s/50s era, I've been wanting to create a soft arch if anything. I've used a variety of brow products before, yet either the tone of the product just doesn't match up, or it clumps upon the hairs when you just don't want it to!

This is why it came to be a huge surprise for me, when I checked my Emails, to find an invitation to have my eyebrows personally done by Shavata Singh; Who is a well known brow expert to the stars and the founder of Shavata Brows! She was making a special appearance at Nottingham, to open her newest studio. I had a mix of emotions running up to my appointment, and I may have watched tons of videos to prepare myself on what was to happen. But to be perfectly honest, I was shocked at how fulfilling the experience was.

The Experience  

I ensured that I arrived to my appointment, which was scheduled at 12pm, to be at least 15 minutes early. This gave me the chance to find my bearings and become better acquainted with the team, who were highly informative and presented myself with a complimentary glass of prosecco. I loved the attention to detail of the eye catching, handmade, decor used to portray the brand perfectly; So I used the time I had to take essential photos. Shavata Brows and beauty have both the brow/beauty treatments available, as well as a nail bar; I just loved the concept of everything you needed, to be within the same open space. 
Before long, I was shaking hands with Shavata herself; I guess you could say I was honored, as well as overwhelmed to meet her. It was as if I knew her for so long, which I think is important to feel as comfortable as possible with your therapist. She led me over to a black leather chair that tilted back, and the consultation began. I explained how I was with my brows at home, and that I've tried to maintain them into a 'suitable' shape. Shavata studied over my eyebrows while asking me questions on what products I've used before and how long since I last plucked them. Answering truthfully, she recommended a brow pencil in the shade Blonde, and began to fill in my right brow with the product. I couldn't believe how natural it looked, as well as the best colour I've used so far to match my hair tone. I revealed my nerves about having my brows threaded, but I believed I was in safe hands with her. She directed my hands to be placed on a particular part of my forehead, to ensure I kept the skin taunt above the brow, as well as the eyelid to remain closed and pulled downwards. I'll insert the pictures so you can understand it better! 

The patience, time and skill that Shavata has is remarkable; Within seconds she was prepared and began to thread with fast sweeping strokes. I barely felt any pain or discomfort, and was beyond eager to see the results! When both brows had been completed, Shavata handed me a handheld mirror to present my new reveal. I was shocked and overwhelmed. I actually felt like a new woman.
Because this was a first time for me, I guess I felt so caught up with my own ideas of how it would turn out, that the end result exceeded my expectations. My brows then were treated with an aftercare lotion to reduce any redness, and then fully completed with the blonde brow pencil to enhance as well as define the shape.

I adored having such a personal one to one appointment, and appreciated the care and advice given to me. I would highly recommend the Shavata studio experience, if you're after a unique and attentive treatment. They have flagship stores across the UK so check out the link for details. I'll be going more often to test out their other treatments and products, and will share it with you all on future social media posts.

A massive thank you to John Lewis and the team for having me; as well as to Shavata herself for taking the time to make me feel beautiful.
Love Ellie xo

Shavata Brow Studio
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