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Tuesday 5 May 2015

Phil Smith - Be Gorgeous - The Styling Range*

Phil Smith - Be Gorgeous:- The Styling Range
Thoughts and Review
Phil Smith Big It Up - Volume Boosting Mousse (200ml) - £4.00*
Phil Smith Hold on - Firm Hold Hairspray (250ml) - £4.00*

Hello lovelies! I was pleasantly surprised to hear about the Phil Smith Be Gorgeous range, which is only available in Sainsburys stores. The range consists of many categories which provides the luxury care and style for any hair type at an affordable price.
My hair type is thick but dry and in all honesty I never use styling products once I've straightened my hair, it simply has a life of its own! But to hold shape and body I was more than interested to see how the Phil Smith range would work out. 

Phil Smith - Be Gorgeous - Big it up - Volume Boosting Mousse*
  • The packaging of the product is bold, modern and easy to read. Directions and Ingredients are displayed on the back in a clear format.
  • Product indicates it's best used for fine, flat or fly away hair. Even though my hair is quite thick this mousse helped balance it out evenly to give an overall full shape.
  • The pump itself is very easy to use not at all stiff or causes any difficulty for the mousse to come through. 
  • Phil Smith have also partnered with Cruelty free international to help bring an end to Animal testing for personal care and other consumer products worldwide; which I find a wonderful cause and makes me feel happier to use their products without the worry.
  • I only needed two full pumps of the mousse which I placed into my palm and then onto towel dried hair I worked my fingers through the root to tips smoothing it through and then brushed as usual into my desired style. Once blow-dried I noticed the difference, my hair was glossy, healthy looking, full of body and smelt great!
  • I'd happily use this product whenever I feel that my hair is having a dull day, it simply makes the style fresh and volumized without the effort.
  • The product's scent overall is a fruity and fresh not at all overpowering.
  • The mousse consistency was light and didn't feel sticky on the hands or hair.
Check out your local Sainsburys isle for the Phil Smith Big it up Range!

Phil Smith - Be Gorgeous - Hold on - Firm Holding Hairspray*

  • Along with the same font and style, the Hairspray from the Be Gorgeous range is bold and clear to read. With ingredients and directions printed upon the back including safety symbols, the Phil Smith products cover it all!
  • The product was easy to apply in its spray form, to reduce any fly-aways that may be caused from the spring breeze we've had!
  • The hairspray didn't make the hair feel crisp at all or dry, in fact it looked smooth and shiny and stays true to the Phil Smith word of 'Natural shine and control' 
  • With some hairsprays you can find that the scent is overwhelming but with this product I can confirm that it was light and just like a salon fragrance.
  • After wearing the hairspray for the duration, I noticed that it kept my style in place completely and was then successfully brushed out with no problem.
  • A perfect go to product for any daily style or occasion; I'd also recommend this product for a Festival must have!
Check out your local Sainsburys isle for the Phil Smith Hold On Range!

If you'd like to keep up with all Phil Smith news and products feel free to check out their website or follow @philsmithhair on Twitter.

I hope this has inspired you to try out some of the range! Let me know in the comments below if you do or already have!

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