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Product Of The Week - Lush's Tea Tree Toner Water



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Monday 30 July 2012

HipHopCandy Review!*

How did I come across these adorable products?

Whilst reading some online blogs one day, I found such a sweet kawaii and all things cute blog that i couldn't help but read! I'm becoming very much a fan of japanese kawaii related products and luckily enough this blog was promoting a small business that i fell straight in love with!

The name of the business is HipHopCandy and for a small business, they have tons of cute and kitsch products and i was so thrilled to be given the chance to write a review for them!

What type of products would i be able to find on their website?

If you like all things cute, unique and sweet, or know someone who does and would love to find somewhere that is reasonably priced for that perfect gift HipHopCandy have such a range to look through such as:
  • Accessories and goods
  • Bath and body
  • Buttons
  • Gift packaging
  • Home fragrance
  • Jewellery
  • Shirts 
  • Stationary 

I just adore how welcoming and sweet even the website layout is, it's very well put together and easy to navigate without any issues! With other websites they are connected through such as youtube, facebook and twitter, you can keep in the know of any updates to products and get any help if needs be so easily(I must say I love a company that can be interactive with their customers!)

Products that i received to review for HipHopCandy

With this website and the amount of products that sounded so unique and good enough to eat, reviewing for them was an exciting and fun experience! The staff of the business was very helpful and informative when speaking with me and the delivery was very fast and well packed so everything came in tact! 
This following review is all my own honest opinions and i have not been paid to do so, my comments are 100% my own words and thoughts.

Frosted Cupcake - Foaming body wash
2oz $4.25

Now as i'm very much a fan of cupcakes, whether they are the real thing or just scented etc seeing this foam wash in the packet I was thrilled! Straight away I easily unscrewed the cap and smelled the yummy body wash contained within; the scent itself is unbelievable and i was so shocked at how realistic it was! 
It smelt exactly how I imagined and yes although it smelt good enough to eat i must warn that it is not edible! -giggles-

How to use-

It is ideal to put a desired amount onto a wash cloth and personally i would put a 50 pence sized amount on as this wash produces lots of creamy lather and bubbles! basically rub it into the skin and then wash off completely, leaving the skin clean and sweet scented! 

Would I recommend the foaming washes by this company?

Indeed i would!Not only is the size bottle perfect for travelling but they have such a variety of scents for example: cotton candy, melon soda, vanilla peach and raspberry lemonade your spoilt for choice if you love something more unique and sweet! Along with the foaming washes you can also find soap bars, bath salts and even body sprays all handmade I would have to give thumbs up for such creativity and imagination this business has!

Vampire Kiss - red raspberry and pomegranate lipbalm

Very surprised when I had also found this item and with the name suggests I was curious on what the scent would be like and how it would feel on the lips. 
The scent once opened is subtle yet very fruity and the raspberry overpowers the pomegranate scent, but i must say it is a nice combination; there was also a slight adding of menthol too so when it is applied there can be a tingling sensation on the lips. The texture is very soft, sheer and moisturising and the ingredients are also natural like candelilla wax, soy lipids, and beeswax. 
And for this i always find natural ingredients to be so much better for the skin and this was the case for the lip balm!
I thought the packaging/theme was cute also and very different from any other lipbalm i have come across i wasn't expecting such a fruity scent for a vampire theme balm! 
As this is one of many scents this website also supplies ones such as: mint choc chip, Creamy Cappuccino, peanut butter and jelly and much more! and it is definitely a great price!

My opinions are that there is so much to look at its a website perfect for all cute and kawaii lovers and i would definitely recommend this to all my readers!

This was also added into my package a robot acrylic phone charm!
So adorable <3


Sunday 29 July 2012

Product Of The Week - Lush's Tea Tree Toner Water

Was just another youtube day, where i browsed the newest videos of some of my subscriptions, and I came across TheHappyWallflower's: Lush best and worst products.

With her helpful tips and suggestions she then spoke about the Tea tree toner water; during this time i was using a toner by the body shop which was suitable for my sensitive skin, but as I have combination skin which has also meant my T-zone is prone to oil and the slight spot... I needed something to help balance the oils out on my skin.

This Toner was something I had definitely wanted to purchase and try for myself, so the next time I went out and about, I went straight to Lush and the staff kindly talked more about this product and how beneficial it would be, even allowing me to sample some also! 

The one that i chose was a 100g sized spray pump bottle costing only £3.95! Such a bargain in my own opinion. 

How was it for my skin?

Well i can safely say that it did wonders to my skin and i use it daily! It is ever so light and refreshing, and it also has antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobal properties within it, hence how it helps oil and spot prone skin so much!
I was worried that due to it being a tea tree based product that it could be too strong, but this wasn't the case at all, it is very gentle and my favourite way to apply is by spraying it onto 2 cotton pads, then sweeping the cotton pads all over the face and neck area.
There isn't really an ideal way to apply this toner because you can even spray it directly to the skin! I apply this both morning and night as it helps to remove all traces of cleanser and other face products yet makes the skin breath and feel more refreshed for the day ahead! 

Would i recommend this product to others?

I will be indeed! I'm the kinda girl who likes to try different facial products for a while and find which is ideal for me, and this is one in my top beauty must haves! Here is the link to getting yours now! -

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