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Natural And Glamorous with W7*



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Tuesday 29 April 2014

My 100th Blog Post!

I still can't believe that i'm writing my 100th post, Do excuse me while I literally pinch myself...Yes It's real; Blogging for me has become not just a passion but a part of who I am. 
I've been blogging for over 2+ years now, and believe you me, I didn't think it would come this far. It has helped me build my confidence by attending blogger meet-ups along with going to events such as The Clothes Show Live! I use to have days where I was to scared to even leave my house but the lovely support of the blogging community has really helped me come out of my shell.

I've thought hard about what I should do for this post, firstly I want to thank my readers for standing by my blog and have become great friends to me, especially the support from Twitter you have all been amazing! 
Also I'd like to mention those I have met along the way from PR staff to independent business owners for taking the time to collaborate with UniqueLoveStyle.

Now i'd love to share with you some pictures that has highlighted both my 2013 and some from 2014!

Lots of love!


Clothes Show Live 2013

Myself with Lauren Goodger


48 Hours Of Fashion 2014

Fashion Selfie With The Lovely Lola Royle 


Look out for brand new blog posts coming soon to UniqueLoveStyle!

Hugs & loves! 

Saturday 5 April 2014

Natural And Glamorous with W7*

Hey beauties! Now I know it has been such a long time since I last did a collective set of products or a review; Life has been pretty wild with launching my online store and recent events so it feels like my poor little blog has not had the attention it deserves.. But not to fear! I'm back with lots of new posts which I'm excited to share with you all.

So some of you may or may not know that I'm obsessed with high-street make-up from drugstores or places such as TopShop etc, It's always fun to go on the hunt for a good bargain that not only is value for money but it does the job good! 

W7 has been one of those brands that has never failed to amaze me, they are always in the current trends, and bringing out ranges each season. I'm delighted to share with you some of their newest products since winter, with my own personal thoughts on them.

W7 Nail Varnish - 140 Buff
W7 3D Glitter Kiss Lipstick - Star Burst
W7 In The Buff Eyeshadow Palette - 12 Eyeshadows
W7 City slicker Eye Makeup Remover
W7 Souffle Mascara - Blackest Black

All comments and opinions are 100% my own and I've not been paid to say them.


W7 Nail Varnish 15ml - 140 Buff test and thoughts

  • Sophisticated and classy colour a beautiful chocolate shade.
  • Applies well to the nail; even one coat is full coverage!
  • Dries with a glossy shine, but for better wear and protection of the colour a topcoat would be advised.
  • Lasted up to 4 days of wear until I noticed chipping/peeling, which to me isn't bad considering the price of the product and how often I paint my nails anyway!
  • A great go-to shade if you want a polish that can compliment most outfits.
  • Perfect for a shade that isn't too obvious but subtle and nude.


W7 3D Glitter Kiss Lipstick - Star Burst test and thoughts

  • Beautiful variety of shades from the 3D glitter kiss collection, a lipstick with soft shimmer particles for a plump glitter effect.
  • I adored the mirror packaging, and the section underneath the lipstick which gives you a glimpse of the product itself is always handy to see the shade before you buy.
  • The lipstick texture when applied on the skin did have me concerned at first due to it being such a glittery product, sometimes shimmer/glitter can be too rough or harsh but due to these particles, but being so fine it glided on a treat. 
  • This lipstick was also quite moisturizing, not matte at all; it was a subtle combination of the actual lipstick and shimmer for the overall glossy effect.
  • A great shade to wear for a party or event and within the right lighting the shimmer would be noticeable.
  • The lipstick has a soft scent to it, which I must say I find an added plus to a lip product!


W7 In The Buff Eyeshadow Palette - 12 Eyeshadows test and thoughts

  • 12 eyeshadow tones which are all nude that can be used to create a natural day to day look, or a smokey eyed evening/event look.
  • Contents are securely packed within a tin case just like the Naked's 2 & 3 by UD, with an eye shadow double ended synthetic brush/shadow sponge brush included.
  • Has been classed as the dupe for UrbanDecay's naked palette 2! W7 of course is a lot cheaper. The pigmentation is divine especially when used wet.
  • There are more shimmers than matte shades which is a shame, I'm looking forward to seeing a complete matte palette from W7 though, fingers crossed there will be one!
  • The textures I noticed were soft although this did occur some fall out a simple sweep of my powder brush simply removed it. They blended very well too especially the matte shades.
  • Each shade is very wearable with a warm tone to them with a few cooler toned shades added in.


W7 City slicker Eye Makeup Remover test and thoughts

  • I love the fact that the bottle is see-through so you can see the awesome effect of this bi-phased oil formula.
  • A light consistency that not only removes make-up but moisturized the skin too.
  • Fully absorbs into the skin not leaving any residue.
  • Removes tough make-up even waterproof mascara!


W7 Souffle Mascara - Blackest Black test and thoughts

  • The mascara consistency is light and whipped, yet also very pigmented.
  • The brush is a thick shape which helps give the lashes volume and fuller coverage from root to tip, when applied in a zig zag motion.
  • I only applied one coat, seeing as the brush was that thick yet I did notice how it curved my lashes with a wide eyed effect. To make it more dramatic I would recommend two coats and application to the lower lashes also.


Are there any of the above products you feel like purchasing? What are your thoughts I'd love to know! Post your comments in the comments section and I'll reply to them!

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