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Monday 21 May 2012

Make-up With Class..Smooch Cosmetics Review!*

When I picked up the leaflet about Smooch Cosmetics during the clothes show live event 2011, I was truly surprised and eager to find out more about this new brand on the block!
So of course i did my fair bit of research, visited their website..scanned at a few blogs and came to the conclusion that this brand is something not to be missed.

So..who? what? where? are smooch cosmetics you may wonder, if you haven't come across them yourself.. well here are a few things that i picked up about them!

- Smooch Cosmetics had launched their saucy selves in the year 2011

- Their name, theme and inspiration surprisingly enough had come from.. Underwear! ooo Cheeky! But the point of this was to let their customers know that they supplied make-up to wear for all occasions.. pretty clever, huh!

- They supply a range of eye, cheek, lips and nail products within their site.

- Colours are up to date with the latest fashion trends from smoky & sultry, to classic and natural.. Smooch is indeed a wonderful direct source.

- Have also been featured in More magazine, Cosmopolitan and cosmopolitan bride!

Smooch “Cosmetics with Sex appeal”

This company really had caught my eye, and to review for them is of course such an honour! All thoughts and comments are of my own and i have not been paid to do this, this review is 100% Genuine and honest.

First product i shall be reviewing is the Smooch Liquid Eye-liner in Ink

Liquid Eye Liner in Ink, 8ml £6.95 and is best used within 6months.

- Bold
- Feminine and girly
- Lace
- Classy
- Unique
- Modern/vintage flair
- Readable font
- Robust packaging

Product View:
- Curvaceous design
- Company name clearly displayed
- Limited information, which is why it is handy coming in boxed informative packaging
- Easy, suitable for handling
- Easy to open
- Casing is smooth almost rubber texture but very strong
- The eye liner nib is in a solid form, which has a slim tip, easy for application.

Product Durability & wear-ability:
- Handy for on the go
- Sleek for putting into a handbag/travelbag
- Good consistency / brush and item in whole not runny, but not thick
- Smooth application
- Brush suitable for purpose
- Perfect for when wearing false eyelashes
- Wonderful when creating cat eye/winged effect
- Bold black tone
- Lasts hours!


Next is Smooch Duo Eye-shadow in Seattle 2.5g £9.50 best used within 18Months.

- Fits the product perfectly
- Bold statement
- Eye catching
- Classy & elegant
- Lace
- Readable information
- Modern/vintage
- Feminine

Product View:
- Comparisons to Nars Cosmetics
- Reminds me of a blusher case
- Easy to open
- Company name is clear
- Would have liked to have the products name/colour on the back
- Soft package texture yet strong and safely holds contents
- Eye-shadows are sectioned
- When opened a clear view mirror is inside the top, which is handy when on the go & touch ups!

Product Duribility/wear-ability:
- Light catching
- Shimmer based
- Compact
- Small palette
- Wonderful to do one make-up look with both colours
- Natural
- Bridal
- Soft & smoky
- Smooth application
- Product colour can be built up with applying more, as this is not a high pigmented shadow when using 1 application
- Blendable

I also received the eyeshadow duo in nocturnal, and will have to say it has the same feedback! 
2.5g £9.50

Added points to this product was the white was excellent! Perfect for highlighting. And as a black and white combination it was a lovely smoky eyed look.


Next up is the blusher in Kookie Crumble which is a 4g product £8.50 and recommended to use within 18Months.

- Shimmering shade
- Dewy fresh look
- Compared to Nars (packaging and quality)
- Perfect for natural daytime make-up
- Easy to apply
- Pink / Peach tone

Lastly the gorgeous Lipgloss in Jellybean which is 1.5 ml, £7.50 recommended usage up to 18months

- Apricot sheen tone
- Twist and go applicator
- Wasn't a sticky consistency
- Would have been nice to have a flavour maybe?
- Smooth when applied on the lips
- Nice subtle sheen
- Natural
- Everyday look
- Bridal

Overall i hope you enjoy using Smooch cosmetics i'm sure i will! here is the link to their website too, your more than welcome to note that i recommended you to them! -
Wanting to thank all the team for a wonderful experience, i'm very grateful and i have benefited a lot from your products!
Will happily review again!
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