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Thursday 29 June 2017

Catch up with me / Spring Edition

Hello my lovelies;
 I thought I'd put together my blogging experiences over the Spring, into a blog post, which I will pre-warn you, It will be photo heavy!
I've had some amazing experiences during the past couple of months; I still feel honored and grateful for each moment and friendship that I have made along the way.

Nottingham In Fashion - Official Catwalk Shows

This event that took place in Nottingham, which I previously spoke about here, was a fabulous array of models, fashion and music. I attended two out of the three shows on the Saturday, and caught up with some of my lovely blogging gals. During the same day, Intu Victoria, invited us along to a taster which involved fruity Bellini's at Caffe Rizzoli, an insight on the best spring pieces and how to turn an outfit from day into night wear; A thrilling challenge which I actually had a crazy rush around the center which was pretty entertaining, and to be topped off with a meal at the Handmade Burger Co. We were truly spoiled and I couldn't have been more grateful, for all that the Intu Team do. 

Kiehls Counter Opening In Leicester 

During the Nottingham In Fashion event; Outside the venue in the Market square was a fabulous double decker beauty bus, as well as a beautiful Kiehl's on wheels bus! I've not tried much of Kiehl's before, yet there's a lovely store within the center of Nottingham. The ladies on the stand were warm and informative, about the effects of Kiehl's and the way it can treat all skin types. A quick consultation about our skin and experience with the brand, then determined which samples we could take away and try! We discussed about staying in touch and left our contact details with the team, in regards to their upcoming counter opening at Leicester.
 I traveled to the location with Stacey, Sarah and Loren in which felt like a bloggers road-trip! (Something I'd love to do some day!) The counter opening was within the Highcross, but for the event we were to meet outside, to be greeted by Hannah and Saff and their tour store. There was a lovely set up of tables and chairs, with brown paper goody bags and black satin ribbon beautifully tied, with heartwarming words written on tags. As we all started to form together, Hannah and Saff gave us deep information on the Kiehl's history and their most loved products by customers. 
Did you know, That their Midnight recovery oil, sells one globally every 10 seconds?! Unbelievable!
We were given products to pass around and try out on our hands. We used all of our senses to see the progress before our eyes. We also had a fun quiz to test how much we learnt, from the talk, and I won a Kiehl's lipbalm! *Super proud of myself* 
Hannah and Saff took us to see the new counter, which is within Debenhams in the shopping center; It is well lit and easy to find the products, due to the uniformed merchandising.  Kiehl's definitely is a brand that I'll be trying more of and will be sharing my thoughts with you over time.

Lush Event - Nottingham 

During May, I heard that Lush Nottingham, were holding an event to introduce their Spring and father's day range. I was extremely excited when I was accepted to the guest list, since Lush is one of my favorite brands for empowering others and glorious bath and body products.!
The evening consisted of a welcoming arrival, which included doughnuts from the marvelous Doughnotts local company, fruit infused water; Talks from the passionate staff who also provided treatments from foot pampering to hand and arm massages. Basking in the heavenly scent I opted for some TLC for my feet, the lady who performed it was immensely informative and allowed me to choose from recommended products. My key ideal product used, was the Pink peppermint foot lotion; For one it's Pink! But the consistency was sleek and quick absorbing. After an amazing massage, foot mask and exfoliant, I truly felt like I was walking on air!
Each location of the shop had someone there to advise on the products and offered consultations, which is perfect if there's a certain product or line you'd thought about trying. 
I feel like a kid in a candy shop whenever I hear about new releases and the father's day range really was beyond all my expectations; They had a complete manly feel to them, with retro and pop art designs and quirky names. These made brilliant gift ideas!

Another new release was the reformulated Think Pink bath bomb; This was such a girly, glittery ball of gorgeousness! We had the chance to see this in action, it bubbled away and created a radiant rose tone to the water. 

Towards the end of the evening, we were surprised with goodybags of our choice of either a bathbomb or shower gel, a self-preserving product and a father's day bath bomb or bubblebar!
I chose the Plum rain shower gel, the mask of magnaminty facemask and the Superdad bath bomb, which I gave to my dad for father's day!

I hope you enjoyed this look over what I've been up to, and thank you to the companies for having me! I'll be back soon with some exciting posts so keep a look out on my Twitter and other social sites!

Love Ellie xo
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