Jingle Mingle hosted by Prezzy box and talkbeckytalk



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Monday 18 December 2017

Jingle Mingle hosted by Prezzy box and talkbeckytalk

Christmas Cheer,
Gift Ideas,
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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas; I still can't believe we're half way through December, this year has just flown by! During the end of October, I was invited a long with a lot of other Nottinghamshire Bloggers, to an event like no other I've ever been to. The event was named the Jingle Mingle and it was hosted by PrezzyBox, which are an online gift retailer, and the talented, TalkBeckyTalk, Who's a successful local Youtuber and Blogger. 
The Location for the evening was Baresca, Nottingham; Which is a beautiful Tapas bar. An itinerary of the evening was sent through to us, with fun-packed workshops and a Q & A Panel with Becky, we were in for a true Christmas inspired evening.

I haven't been to Baresca before, yet I had a good idea of where it was! So myself and Sarah made our way to the venue in good time, and began to meet other bloggers in the bar area, before being shown to the private room downstairs. The room was decorated with pink and purple balloons, reflecting the PrezzyBox's company perfectly. Each table had been set up with some of their gift ideas, which gave a fuller insight on what you can expect from their online store.  There was so much to see and do, including a Perfume making workshop, as well as a handmade bow creating station! As you can expect, both were very busy during the evening, but I was fortunate to have been able to create my own perfume, which you can read more about shortly!

We all began to sign in with the darling Marketing ladies from Prezzybox, being then handed a personalized badge with our names, as well as our blogs, on them and began to mingle! The bar was dressed with round trays of Prosecco, which we were kindly treated to with a drinks token; The evening had been a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, which I find perfect especially it it were someone's first event that they've attended. With drinks in tow, we posed for some photos which were taken at the pop up booth, with quirky props of course! And we then walked around the room to view each of the tables and the products, some of them really stood out to me and brought out my inner 90s nostalgia child.. Polly Pocket handbag? Yes please!
The perfume making workshop and the gift decor DIY station were both in full flow, and the vibe from the other Bloggers and Youtubers, were bursting from the seams.

I briefly got the chance to speak to Becky and her sister, and I adored how down to earth and friendly they were. Becky was passionate about the event and how she felt the evening would go, but it met all of her expectations and more. Both myself and Sarah, waited patiently to be the next lucky ladies to create their bespoke perfume, in partnership with The Perfume Studio London. Below were just a few of their gift sets, which you could use to create your own signature scent. It's a perfect way to treat someone for Christmas for a long lasting experience.

Below, you can see the arrangement for the perfume making workshop, these glass jars were each filled with 'notes' which we used to build up our desired scent. It was like an orchestra, base notes, middle notes, up to top notes; with different blends the best way was to smell each one at a time, starting off with a base then choosing it to add to our fragrance. With my creation I chose two blends to design my perfume which I named, Von Teese, After one of my idols, Dita of course!

I admired how interesting the creation of a perfume was, as told to us by Ben; I could have listened and learned for hours. This is a luxurious and bonding way to share with friends, which is why their hen parties and social events are of high demand. We were each then given our created fragrance in a small glass bottle to take home with us; If I were to run out, my perfume is saved on their data base online, so I'd be able to order it to home! Such a marvelous idea, especially for a gift.

Around 7pm, we started to take a seat and gather around for the Panel discussion to commence. This personally was an uplifting, insightful and inspirational segment; I loved how the questions were directed to both Becky and social & Marketing Executive of PrezzyBoxFran; An influence's point of view as well as a brand's.
It's made me look at my own blog in a deeper way, I've always had so many dreams and plans, and after the talk, I want to actually put them into action; Definitely now we're approaching a new year. I took notes which I'm sure I'll be using as guidance; Maybe a return to YouTube.. We shall see!

The end of the night, we were each presented with a bright pink goody bag which had each been chosen on our interests! I was given a queen shower cap, musical note sock hangers set and some drinking fudge, Salted caramel.. Yum.. These winter nights would be perfect for it.
I'd have to say a massive thank you to PrezzyBox and to Becky for hosting the evening as well as inviting me, it was an absolute pleasure.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, and here's to bright things in the New Year.

Love Ellie xo
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